Straightforward Tips to Help You Build a Hemp Pre-Roll Brand

Are you interested in building a prosperous hemp pre-roll brand? Here are some details to consider.

So, you’ve decided to launch a hemp pre-roll brand; brilliant idea!

CBD enthusiasts and newcomers have embraced hemp botanicals, which explains why it’s one of the fastest-growing segments of the cannabis market (need an example? Look no further than Dad Grass).

But how should you launch a hemp pre-roll company?

There are many factors to consider. So, we’re here to assist you with a straightforward guide to help you build – and launch – your prosperous hemp pre-roll brand.

Cost: Luxury or Affordability

Understanding the needs of the demographic you serve is the first step to creating a CBD pre-roll brand customers crave.

There are two primary paths from which to choose—luxury or affordability.

Luxury pre-roll brands create high-end, full flower hemp joints, usually packaged and sold individually. These pre-rolls are special occasion indulgences – not everyday staples. They often feature exceptional branding and packaging to highlight the quality of the product contained inside.

Affordable pre-roll packaging often features multiple joints per pack at a lower price point.

Value-based hemp pre-roll brands want their products to be the customers’ daily go-to. It’s a casual THC-free (non-psychoactive) indulgence that’s more about healing and less focused on heady effects.

You should do extensive market research to understand the customer niche you serve; this will inform the path your brand takes when striking a balance between luxury and affordability.


When determining the ideal weight for your CBD pre-rolls, we suggest that you let branding and packaging lead the way. Hear us out.

Luxury cones are typically on the larger, heavier side and are commonly sold individually. While pre-roll packs are often slim and lightweight, which signals to the consumer that they can indulge in multiple rolled CBD cigarettes any time relief is in order.

Understanding what the weight of your product conveys in the consumers’ minds can help you select the appropriate pre-roll size.

Pick Your Pre-Roll Size

Size matters when it comes to hemp pre-rolls. Here are the most common options from which to choose:

  • 1 Gram (109mm):
    Ideal for single pack offerings, creating a perception of value

  • 3/4 Gram (98mm):
    Perfect for high-end single-pack hemp pre-rolls

  • Reefer 1/2 Gram (98mm):
    The top end of sizing for multi-pack hemp pre-roll offerings

  • 1/2 Gram (84mm):
    An accessible offering for frequent pre-roll smokers

  • King Size:
    The big kahuna, ideal for the occasional indulgence

5 Botani Hemp Paper Sheets folded

Pick Your Pre-Roll Paper

The paper you choose says it all when it comes to pre-rolls. Here are some of your best options:


Hemp is generally considered the best CBD pre-roll paper option. Hemp pre-roll papers and blunt wraps are sturdy yet mild tasting and can be packed with terpenes and botanicals that encourage consistency.
These are pre-rolls your customer can depend on.

Ultra-Thin RYO Papers

Ultra-thin RYO rolling papers are delicate (and often rice-based), offering a luxurious experience (but not ideal for customers interested in pre-rolls they can take on the go). They burn with minimal ash and a neutral taste that lets the natural flavors of terpenes and cannabis shine through.

Wood Pulp

Wood pulp papers are sturdy and easy to produce, but they’re rapidly losing market share to hemp-based pre-roll papers (primarily due to wood’s harsh aftertaste and excessive smoke).


Flax pre-roll papers are nearly as popular as hemp and almost as thin as rice but are a tad sturdier, so they’re an easy option for customers who want to throw a pack in their bag.


Nearly as sturdy as wood, many smokers are drawn to bamboo papers for their slow burn time. However, the material can be harder to work with and may leave a harsh aftertaste.

Brand Your Pre-Roll Paper

After selecting the best paper type based on your customers’ preferences, it’s time to start branding and customizing your pre-rolls.

Bleached paper offers a more polished look, while natural shades signal organic appeal. In addition, you can select custom colors and flavor infusions that help you stand out in a crowded market (creating a memorable smoking experience).

You can even decorate your hemp cones or wraps with designs unique to your brand for an extra dose of visual appeal.

Pick Your Pre-roll Filter Type

Now that you’ve selected the ideal paper for your hemp pre-rolls, you need a filter. Here are some of the best options:

Unbleached Tips

Unbleached rolling paper tips are a straightforward option perfect for budget hemp pre-roll lines.

Hemp Filter Tips

Hemp filters offer the same advantages as hemp rolling papers, with a smooth flavor and consistent experience.

W Tip

W tips are folded into three triangles at the opening of the pre-roll to prevent the inhalation of loose material.

Spiral Filter Tip

Spiral filter tips also prevent loose material inhalation and increase the draw resistance of your cones, helping cool and regulate smoke flow.

Cornhusk Filter

Cornhusk filters are a budget-friendly option that siphons out any larger particles while concentrating smoke.

Glass Filter Tip

Including a glass tip to your premium hemp pre-roll introduces a pleasurable tactile element.
Additionally, this tip style concentrates smoke for more robust pulls (more inhalable smoke).

Wood Filter Tip

Like glass, wood filter tips are perfect for craft brands seeking a premium appeal. They function similarly to a glass tip and concentrate the smoke but offer a different sensation.

Bio-Cooling Filter Tip

100% biodegradable, these eco-friendly filters are designed to cool the smoke as much as possible, making for a subtle experience.

*Please reach out to discuss Botani’s filter tip options.

Botani Hemp Paper with cannabis Leaf pattern printed on it

Brand Your Pre-Roll Filter

Here’s where things get interesting. You can print directly on many filter types, for example, hemp or corn husk, with your logo or thematic design.

Alternately, you can adorn glass or wood tips with stickers, etchings, or other design elements to complement the premium product contained within.

Choose Your Pre-Rolled Cones & Tubes

Whether you opt for a pre-rolled cone or tube, you’ll first need to determine your paper type and size, filter type and size, and branding options, as we’ve reviewed. But which is better – cones or tubes?

Cones give the appearance of a classic joint, and tubes offer a shape reminiscent of cigarettes. The difference is primarily aesthetic.

Still, you should know that you’ll have more options for the style of pre-roll filling machine you can purchase if you opt for pre-rolled cones (this is an important logistical consideration).

Brand Your Pre-Rolled Cones & Tubes

Let’s talk branding (again).

Printing your brand’s logo directly on the pre-roll is the most straightforward option. And it provides a clean, cohesive appearance. Botani uses food-safe inks to impart your brand’s appropriate color and appearance safely. We can also emboss your logo (or another design) on the pre-roll.

If you’d prefer a hemp pre-roll free from printing or desire a slick, glossy appearance, you can use an external wrap your customer removes before consumption. This can be a full joint wrap or a cigar-style banded wrap.

Select the Best Hemp for Your Pre-Roll

It should go without saying that hemp quality is the key to successfully launching your CBD pre-roll line.

You should select hemp specifically grown for inhalable consumption in a pre-roll. High-quality hemp, purposefully cultivated to enhance the CBD’s effectiveness, perfectly sets the stage for the paper you intend to brand and wrap around it.

Choose Your Pre-Roll Machine

You need a pre-roll machine capable of meeting your needs. Here’s what you need to consider.

Some machines are designed specifically for use with either cones or tubes, and others are only capable of handling specific weights and styles.

Blunt rolling machines are the best option for larger premium hemp pre-rolls sold individually. In contrast, a cone filling machine is ideal for smaller multi-pack hemp pre-roll styles.

Prepare Your Hemp for the Pre-Roll Filling Machine

You can’t scale a hemp pre-roll business without the assistance of a pre-roll filling machine. And you cannot simply throw the raw materials (hemp) into the machine and expect a positive outcome. 

You must adequately process the hemp in preparation for the pre-roll filling machine. Mills and grinders break the hemp into uniform particulates and remove unwanted elements from the flower to begin the rolling process.

Prepare Your Pre-Roll for the Market

Since you’ve already done the hard work of branding your hemp pre-roll brand based on the preferences of your target audience, you shouldn’t struggle to design packaging that highlights the quality of the product contained inside.

Still, packaging is probably the most essential aspect of your pre-roll (after all, if the package doesn’t stand out among the competition, you won’t win the sale).

Launching a hemp pre-roll brand is no easy feat. Botani is here to help. Get in touch with us - we want to help you envision a product customers love.