The Best High-Capacity Hemp and Cannabis Pre-Roll Machines: What the Experts Say

We spoke to the experts to get their take on the best high-capacity hemp and cannabis pre-roll machines. Here's what they had to say.

There’s a lot to consider when establishing a hemp or cannabis pre-roll brand. 

You might think it’s time to get rolling after you’ve sorted out your branding and determined the appropriate paper (and related customization options). 

And it is that time, to some degree. 

But to get rolling (literally), there’s another crucial detail; selecting the appropriate high-capacity pre-roll machine.  

A high-capacity pre-roll machine is a worthwhile investment. But there are many options, and you must get it right.

With that in mind, we’ve created a simple guide to help you understand your options for the best hemp and cannabis pre-roll machines. And we tapped a few experts on the shoulder to weigh in with their opinions.

So, keep reading to learn what the experts say about the industry’s top machines.

What is a pre-roll machine?

Let’s start with the basics – what is a pre-roll machine, anyway?

A pre-roll machine is a device designed to pack cannabis into pre-rolled cones. It’s also often called a cone filling machine, weed rolling machine, or joint rolling machine.

Compared to hand rolling, pre-roll machines save you time and money, enabling your business to scale operations. It also ensures a consistent weight and even burns.

Dispensaries, cannabis companies, and other producers use these devices to create the increasingly popular branded pre-rolls consumers demand.

What are the different kinds of pre-roll machines?

What style of pre-roll machine is right for you?

There are three main categories to consider: small, compact, and high-capacity (the machines we’re most interested in here).

Small Pre-Roll Machines
Intended for in-home use, you can purchase small pre-roll machines online or in some cannabis retail locations.

Small pre-roll machines are primarily intended for frequent cannabis consumers who want to save time while hand-rolling their joints.

They’re also often purchased by connoisseurs who value the aesthetic and experiential consistency even a small pre-roll machine provides.

Compact Pre-Roll Machines
Compact pre-roll machines are a step up from the small pre-roll machines intended for personal use. They are typically utilized by small cannabis production facilities that roll a few hundred pre-rolls a week.

This could include cannabis dispensaries that produce their joints in-house or larger facilities interested in creating boutique pre-roll lines.

High-Capacity Pre-Roll Machines
As the name suggests, high-capacity pre-roll machines are designed to work at a high capacity.

This means that they’ll produce hundreds or even thousands of pre-rolls in one session, depending on the machine. As a result, they’re perfect for larger-scale operations that need to kick pre-roll production into high gear.

This could include dispensaries that need to produce in-house pre-rolls for multiple locations (or one bustling location) or cannabis producers that want to move into the lucrative world of pre-rolled joints.

The Best High-Capacity Pre-Roll Machines

If you’re serious about the cannabis business, you probably know that a high-capacity pre-roll machine is a worthwhile investment.

But which high-capacity pre-roll machine should you choose?

We spoke to representatives at five of the top-rated pre-roll machine companies to learn more about their products and the businesses they’re best suited to serve.

So keep reading to find the appropriate high-capacity pre-roll machine for your growing brand.

Rocketbox 2.0

A considerable investment that comes with a one-year part and labor guarantee, the STM Canna Rocketbox is an excellent hands-on option for new cannabis producers looking to scale production quickly.

According to Chuck, the Rocketbox works well. How well? The Rocketbox may soon be record-breaking!

“We’re about to apply to the Guinness Book of Records for the most joints closed in a minute,” Warner says.

More importantly, the STM Canna team continually seeks to improve the customer experience with add ons.

“We just launched a modular closure that closes the joints you can produce on the Rocketbox,” says Warner.

“We’re made in the USA, and our machines are premium quality,” says Chuck Warner, STM Canna’s Chief Marketing Officer. “They’re super innovative, and we warranty and stand behind them. In addition, we have great customer service after the sale.”

“Closing can be time-consuming and laborious, so we wanted to develop a solution. We’ve got a team of scientists who are always looking for pain points in the industry and finding new ways to help.”

With options that roll either 72 or 453 pre-rolls at a time, the Rocketbox is a machine that can scale up as your operation expands.

Best For: An emerging cannabis brand that needs a machine to grow with them.

Price: Starts at $18,425.00.

84 MM Special 1 ¼ Cone Filling Starter Kit

This easy and affordable starter kit comes with everything you need to get rolling, including a filing machine cartridge, riser, tamping tool, vibration table, stabilization mat, and even an extension cord with a power switch.

The Humboldt team is proud of manufacturing a cone filling machine that works for everyone. 

“After years of research and design, Humboldt Filling Machines is establishing itself as an industry standard for effective, affordable, bulk pre-roll making machines,” said a Humboldt representative.

“Advantages include greater value at a much lower buy-in price than other filling machines and better flexibility. Humboldt Filling Machines makes a modular vibration technology-based machine that features swappable cartridges so the user can fill their choice of over 15 different sizes of pre-rolls, wraps, and tubes. A Humboldt Filling Machine Starter Kit can fill anywhere between 55 to 389 pre-rolls, wraps, or tubes in one session depending on the cartridge being used,” the representative said.

“Closing can be time-consuming and laborious, so we wanted to develop a solution. We’ve got a team of scientists who are always looking for pain points in the industry and finding new ways to help.”

With an affordable price and easy-to-manage operations, this machine is excellent for small to medium-sized brands, filling 389 cones at a time.

Best For: Boutique operations or beginners on a budget.

Price: Starts at $449.00.

TPH 512 Joint Rolling Machine

“Our machines are bulletproof. That’s the biggest thing,” says TPH founder Vermont Driver. “I’m a former aircraft mechanic, and I look at machinery like this as something you buy and want to last forever. This is not a cheap machine, so it should be an investment that lasts. Our machines are designed to last forever.”

The TPH team says their machines will operate at the same level in a century as they do today. So they’re designed for a lifetime.

TPH’s founder also used his mechanical expertise to design a machine that works with high precision when operated correctly.

Thousand Per Hour describes the TPH as “…the only tool to choose when your delivery requirements exceed 3,000 pre-rolls per week.” There’s no denying it’s an awe-inspiring piece of equipment.

“One of the things I discovered when I started this adventure is that there is no standard paper size,” he says. “So with our machine, which deals mainly with cones, I designed it to be variable enough to fit exactly with the papers our customers were using. I have a high-end machinist I work with who helps us get down to five decimal points of accuracy to match whatever size paper is needed. The machine is stainless steel, and when I was designing it, I realized that if you don’t design the cone to fit in your plate correctly, you’re making more work for yourself. Our adaptable designs were designed in collaboration with local cannabis farmers, and we make them so that you won’t suffer from collapsed cones or excess overfill.”

With an emphasis on precision and production, TPH’s machines are for serious cannabis producers looking to maximize throughput.

Best For: Producers who are serious about kicking their pre-roll production into high gear.

Price: Starts at $5,295.00.

Doob Cube

With a variable production capacity ranging from one to 247 cones at a time and capable of processing fill cones of 60mm to 110mm, the Doob Cube is a flexible machine perfect for getting creative with your pre-roll production.

“Our machines are very compact,” says Doob Cube co-founder Timothy Bowen.

This compact profile and multifunctional appeal make the Doob Cube perfect for boutique producers limited by space considerations but who still want to increase production.

Bowen is also proud of the Doob Cube’s unique approach to material packing. “Unlike many of our competitors, our machine rocks instead of bouncing. We believe that bouncing cones is counterintuitive and creates an unbalanced cone with lots of paper leftover at the top. Because the vibrating is extremely effective, our success rate is high.”

“It’s a cube that’s 12×12 and weighs less than twenty pounds. It’s also two machines in one: a material sifter and a screener. It makes sure that nothing bulky or sharp gets through, so you have the ideal pre-roll every time.”

One of the most distinctive features of the Doob Cube is its customizable design.

“Our machine is designed to work with all pre-rolls, large and small, and all types of papers,” says Bowen. “They’re also adaptable—you can do 300 cones at a time or only process three.”

And according to Bowen, these tiny but mighty machines are built to last.

“We’re 90% made in America, handmade in Indianapolis, Indiana,” he says.

“Every aspect of the machine is metal, with only one plastic part to hold the cone. This makes our machines super durable. In addition, we build them to last. As a result, we’ve had zero returns in the three years I’ve been selling.”

Scalable and adaptable to the extreme, the Doob Cube is ideal for producers looking to explore their options.

Best For: Cannabis enthusiasts and high-level producers with varying production needs.

Price: Starts at $2,000.00.

Knockbox 3/300 + Standard Filling Kit

Last but not least, Amsterdam-based Futurola offers super quick production rates without minimizing quality.

Best For: Seasoned pros serious about industry standards.

Price: Starts at $15,625.00.

“The FUTUROLA KNOCKBOX is the industry-leading solution for filling pre-rolls and cones with artisanal precision,” says Futurola’s Creative Director Carly Morrison. “Optimize your finished product with filling cycles lasting 60 or 90 seconds.”

Now that you're up-to-speed on your high-capacity pre-roll machine options, it's time to invest and get rolling.