Transforming your customer's experience through cannabis product innovation

Premium Botanical & Hemp Paper for Cannabis Products

Premium Natural Hemp & Botanical Paper Products

Transforming your customer's experience through cannabis product innovation

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Legacy is built on innovation. Botani was born at the intersection of 400 years of wisdom in the paper industry and a thirst for innovating the future of the cannabis industry. We make premium cannabis scalable in 3 ways: Respect, Innovation, and Accessibility.

Botani paper being made in the Botani Factory
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Botani respects the journey cannabis pros navigate to find success. We know that they see the past, present, and future of what’s possible if partner industries are willing to believe as big as they have all this time.


With over 400 years of paper industry experience, innovation, and expertise under our belts, we’ve learned to remain relevant in an evolving market. That’s what makes Botani your premier partner in maneuvering the challenges modern canna pros face in scalability and continued innovation.

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From independent owners to significant cannabis players, premium product accessibility is the way forward. And premium product accessibility is all about the customer experience. Botani offers an opportunity to develop brand-differentiating premium hemp and natural botanical paper products and a consistent, elevated cannabis experience for consumers.

Botani is a brand rooted in the past, with an eye on the future of cannabis and hemp paper innovation. We’re your premier partner, helping you navigate the cannabis industry’s scalability and innovation challenges.


Hemp Wrappers

We produce exceptional, easy-to-use, self-adhering-capable hemp leaf and flower-based botanical wraps for a beautiful all-natural consumer experience. Botani’s development teams select raw materials and product specifications for various applications, from blunts to cones to CBD cigarettes.

Our hemp wrappers are self-adhering for blunt applications, and they’re moisture optimized for safe storage and a long shelf-life. We can also develop custom wrappers, including gummed and infused options.
5 different colors of Botani Hemp Wrappers
Botani Gummed wrap

Gummed Wraps

Our new Gummed Wrappers are an excellent alternative to the traditional blunt wraps consumers are used to. And it’s the perfect opportunity for you to expand your blunt offerings into a broader market backed by Botani’s infrastructure and over 400 years of papermaking experience.

It’s not about what’s in the wraps. It’s about what isn’t.

Hemp Fillers

Our hemp-based botanical products will help you enter the rapidly growing cannabis pre-roll market with confidence. We’ve applied our time-tested processes to reconstitute hemp into fillers that you can use with today’s high-speed equipment to scale quickly and efficiently and meet future regulatory requirements. In addition, you can customize our products to your exacting standards to give consumers the ultimate high-quality, consistent, and enjoyable experience.

Our Hemp Fillers are available in ready-to-use cut-rag and custom formats for combustible, oral, and HnB-style applications. We can also create active ingredient infusions featuring CBD and custom flavors upon request.

5 Botani Hemp Paper Sheets folded

Rolling & Pre-Roll Papers

We’re experts in creating innovative products from natural fibers, including hemp. Our fully customizable Hemp Papers can differentiate your brand from competitors. You can select everything from the paper’s weight to watermarking, filigreeing, gumming, and more.

We offer a choice of transparent and light papers in rolls and standard reams. Botani Hemp Papers are a customizable, natural solution to fit the lifestyles and needs of your consumers.

Creating the future of cannabis starts with leveraging legacies

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