It all started with paper.

Schweitzer-Mauduit International (SWM) have been paper milling technology pioneers for over 400 years. SWM’s innovative spirit and commitment to technical innovation have propelled the company through centuries of growth, beginning with a simple mill in the Alps.

Sign for the town of Ancram

Where Tradition Meets Innovation

These days, SWM products can be found in every corner of the globe. We are proud to partner with leaders in the world of paper products and beyond to help them innovate, compete, and thrive. 

And now, in an exciting new venture, SWM is entering the world of cannabis through Botani, our hemp, and cannabis-specific brand.

Redefining Premium Cannabis

Botani is proud to work with our partners to help create a new level of refinement in the cannabis marketplace. 

Our centuries of experience in the world of paper milling and botanical processing enable us to offer unique insight into the market’s demands and create one-of-a-kind products that will help you stand out. 

Supporting Your Cannabis Brand with Groundbreaking Products

For too long, cannabis growers and manufacturers have been limited in their options for product differentiation.

With new horizons of legalization opening within the US, Europe, and beyond, consumers are choosing between a growing number of products that are superficially very similar. Botani can help your brand create a new space, appealing to customers by going above and beyond with the sensory experience your product creates.

From natural leaf and flower hemp botanicals that boost the entourage effect to colorful, scented, premium one-of-a-kind papers – Botani is here to help your brand stand out in an increasingly crowded cannabis marketplace.


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The year is 1545

Schweitzer-Mauduit International’s first paper mill, Papeteries de Malaucene, begins operations in the south of France. From the beginning, SWM works with hemp fibers to make paper, starting a long tradition of botanical manufacturing.

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The year is 1761

The Sterling Iron Works opens on the banks of the Hudson River in Ancram, New York.

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The year is 1776

Sterling Iron Works becomes famous nationally for forging the Hudson River Chain that kept the British Navy from navigating the Hudson during the American Revolution.

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The year is 1854

After a series of ownership changes, the Sterling Ironworks furnace is torn down, and a paper mill is erected on the site by Platner and Eliza Smith of Lee, Massachusetts (today, the Ancram paper mill is the longest operating mill in New York state history).

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The year is 1995

The Schweitzer division of Kimberly Clark becomes SWM, an independent company. They use the historic Ancram mill to work with organic materials, including tobacco, sage, cocoa, among other botanicals.

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The year is 2021

The Ancram paper mill is revitalized with new processes that reduce cannabis waste by using flowers, stems, and trimmings to create 100% hemp-based paper, with the same method Peter Schweitzer pioneered in 1956. Botani is born.

Ariel View of the Botani Manufacturing Plant in the Summer