Botani Products

Rolling & Pre-Roll Papers

Botani's papermaking capabilities are unrivaled in the cannabis industry

3 Botani Hemp Pre-Rolls & 3 Bontai Cigarettes in a bowl on a fuchsia background next to magenta flowers

We’ve built our products and processes on SWM’s over 400 years of experience and expertise, and are proud to bring this legacy to the cannabis industry. If you can dream it, we can do it, whether it’s for booklets, tubes, or cones.

We can help you choose everything from the paper type to watermarking, filigreeing, gumming, weight, and custom printing to create a product that truly stands out in the industry and provides the exact sensorial experience your customers want.

Hemp Papers

If you’re creating a more natural experience for your customers, our hemp paper options are a Botani specialty. If you’d like to take it a step further, we can even supply hemp-based filtration and filler to complete an all-hemp product.
4 Different types of Botani Pre-Rolls on a light green background next to flower vegitation

Botani Gumming

Botani’s game-changing gumming technology can allow our customers to create a unique and replicable experience. Color printing on the paper and gum line, custom gumming flavors, unique patterns, even textures are all part of our capabilities. Looking for something more familiar and traditional? We can do that too!

Traditional and Alternative Papers

Traditional papers common in the tobacco industry are the perfect option for complete customization and control over the look and feel of your product. Custom colors and flavor infusions can help your products jump off the shelf and create an impactful and memorable impression. We can even produce wood pulp, flax, or bamboo based papers, available in bleached or natural shades.
5 Botani Hemp Paper Sheets folded

Paper Size and Formats

Botani offers a wide range of paper weight, slit widths, and standard ream sizes.