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Hemp Wrappers

Give Consumers the Ultimate Natural Experience with Premium Hemp Wrappers

If you can imagine an application, Botani can make it happen.

5 different colors of Botani Hemp Wrappers

We produce exceptional, easy-to-use, self-adhering hemp leaf and flower-based botanical wraps for an elevated, natural consumer experience. Botani’s development teams select raw materials and product specifications for various applications, from blunts to cones to CBD cigarettes.

Our hemp wrappers are self-adhering for blunt applications, and they’re moisture-optimized for safe storage and a long shelf-life. We can also develop custom wrappers, including gummed and infused options.

The growing blunt wrap category has a problem. We have the solution.

Once removed from their packaging and exposed to air, traditional blunt wraps can lose their pliability quickly. 

Over time, the taste and aroma will degrade. This means the consumer must open, fill, and smoke the wrap within a short window. Filling the wrap and throwing it in a pocket or bag to be smoked later isn’t an option if the consumer wants a premium, high-quality experience.

The proprietary Botani process produces a product that doesn’t lose pliability over time. 

Our blunt wraps provide the user portability and flexibility.

3 Different colors of Botani Hemp Wrappers

Botani has developed a proprietary process that more closely resembles traditional paper making. This natural process involves intertwining the hemp fibers rather than gluing them together.

The result?

Botani produces the industry’s best blunt wraps.

Whether you’re interested in launching a new product or improving your cones, blunt wraps, cigarillos, cannigars, or CBD cigarettes, our hemp wrapper product will put you ahead of the competition.

Botani Process
Competitor Process
Hemp Content
Highest hemp content on the market
Natural Ingredients
More natural, unlike competitor’s process, which uses gums and additives
Sensory experience
Maintains natural aroma, flavor, and tactile feel
Botani offers superior tensile strength. It can be run on today’s cigarette makers built for high speed production
Flexibility for infusion
It offers an excellent base for flavoring, CBD or terpene infusion, or gumming
Botani’s hemp wrapper product can be used for blunt wraps, cones, and cigarillos in basis weights from 32-80gsm.