10 Simple Steps to Improve Cannabis Pre-Roll Consistency and Flavor

Here are simple steps to ensure your brand's pre-rolls are more than a one-hit-wonder.

Let’s face it, the growing consumer demand for pre-rolls can be something of a double-edged sword. 

While the increasing number of pre-roll purchasers means there’s a lot of demand for your brand to fulfill, trend-watching competitors have their eyes on the same prize.

These days, making a basic cannabis pre-roll isn’t enough to stand out in the crowded marketplace. 

As consumer experience with pre-roll products grows, so do expectations, meaning brands need to work harder to claim their market share. 

How do brands create pre-roll experiences consumers will return to again and again? For starters, they can do it by improving flavor profiles and consistency. 

So let’s take a closer look at the world of infused— and uninfused—pre-rolled joints and learn why improved flavors and consistent experiences can help your brand stand out.


Cannabis flower can vary wildly in potency, aroma, and flavor from batch to batch, translating to consumer uncertainty. 

A pre-roll that hits the spot on one occasion could leave a customer disappointed on the next. In addition, product inconsistency makes it difficult for consumers to develop the kind of brand loyalty and trust that leads them to purchase your pre-rolls repeatedly. 

So how do you ensure pre-roll consistency? We’ll unpack the most popular methods below.

Infused Pre-Rolls

Infused pre-rolls deliver consistent experiences, and they’re popular among consumers. 

And while most people believe the term “infused” relates only to flavor infusions, in reality, they can offer so much more. 

Infusion lets you produce pre-rolls that avoid the inconsistency trap, delivering a replicable, dependable experience. Here are three common pre-roll infusion styles we think you should know.

  • CBD

    Most infused pre-rolls aim to increase THC content, but upping its CBD percentage can help you appeal to an untapped audience interested in the enhanced wellness potential of the plant.

  • Botanical and Terpene Infusions

    Including botanical and cannabis terpene infusions in your pre-roll creates a consistent flavor profile and experience and increases consumer confidence.

  • Custom Flavors

    Infusing pre-rolls with custom flavors is an excellent way to develop a high-end product customers can’t find elsewhere.

up close of 13 cannabis joints in a circle shape

Strain Choice

The flower contained within your pre-roll is the foundation for a positive consumer experience. It also significantly impacts the pre-rolls flavor profile, so choose your strains wisely. 

Seek out strains high in terpenes that offer pleasant, fruity flavors, like limonene, famous for its citrusy aroma, or terpinolene, known for lending cannabis a candy apple sweetness. 

Choosing your strains wisely for aroma and taste will improve your cannabis pre-roll flavor profiles and boost customer enjoyment.

Use High-End Cannabis Flower Instead of Trim

Pre-rolls are too often the endpoint for otherwise unusable trim.

From a cost-savings standpoint, this might sound like a reasonable practice. But consumers can tell the difference. And you’ll see that reflected in ongoing sales numbers. 

It might cost more for you to use top-tier flower in your pre-rolls, but that gives you a reason to charge a premium. In addition, it makes the end product considerably more appealing; you’ll develop a flavorful pre-roll that’s genuinely desirable rather than simply available.

Combine Cannabis Flower with Hemp Filler

Flower-based products like pre-rolls have unique consistency challenges. 

Cannabis flower consistency can vary from batch to batch, and cultivation conditions like nutrients, light, and temperature can significantly impact your pre-rolls aroma, taste, cannabinoid levels, and terpene profiles. 

And there are additional factors that impact consistency, like handling and storage and manufacturing processes. 

Joining hemp filler with unprocessed top-tier flower can reduce or eliminate variations that cause inconsistencies. 

In addition, you can produce THC-free CBD pre-rolls using hemp filler like Botani’s and infuse them with the flavors and aromas you want to create a repeatable product. 

Botani Hemp Filler in a decorative bowl with a lit match floating abve

Pre-Roll Cones from a Reputable and Steady Supplier

The paper you use for your pre-rolls is just as important as what’s inside. That’s why it’s essential to source your pre-roll cones from a reputable and consistent provider like Botani

Pre-rolls can have an unpleasant or “off” flavor when prepared incorrectly; even unflavored pre-roll papers can suffer production issues that create a harsh aftertaste. In addition, lower-quality pre-roll cones tear easily, making production and storage more challenging than it needs to be. 

You can avoid these problems by partnering with a reputable paper supplier like Botani. We have the experience and expertise to help you select the right components (including flavor infusions and other customizations). 

Better Filters for Better Experiences

Since pre-rolls are often an entry point for first-time cannabis consumers incorporating high-quality filters is particularly important. 

A high-quality filter can spell the difference between a harsh smoking experience and a smooth indulgence your consumer can rely on (again and again). 

Using a professionally crafted filter made from hemp, corn husks, or other organic material creates an exceptional smoking experience.

A Clean and Serviced Commercial Pre-Roll Machine

High-quality pre-roll machines allow your brand to scale production and improve consistency. 

Still, they must be cleaned regularly and properly serviced to ensure they don’t impart unwanted (and undesirable) flavors from oils or other remnants from past batches.

Pre-Roll Storage

The key to keeping pre-rolls fresh is proper storage.

To ensure your pre-rolls are as tasty when the consumer purchases them as they were fresh out of your pre-roll machine, you must have proper storage procedures in place. 

You should store your pre-rolls in an airtight container with a dark exterior to prevent light and moisture exposure and prevent them from becoming damaged in transit.

Pre-Roll Packaging

Once they arrive at the dispensary and are unpacked from their storage container, your pre-rolls need packaging that seals in freshness.

Ideally, your products will fly off the shelves—but there’s no telling how long dispensaries might leave them in a stockroom or what other factors might impact flavor, consistency, and quality. 

So you should prevent product degradation by selecting air and watertight pre-roll packaging to ensure that what touches your customer’s lips (and lungs) is as fresh and flavorful as it was when leaving your facility. 

Give your customers a better, more flavorful, and consistent cannabis pre-roll experience with Botani.