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Hemp Fillers

Enter the Rapidly Growing Cannabis Pre-Roll Market with Confidence

In the cannabis business, consistency matters.

hemp filler
We’ve applied our time-tested processes to reconstitute hemp into fillers you can use with today’s high-speed equipment to scale quickly and efficiently and meet future regulatory requirements. In addition, you can customize our products to your exacting standards to give your consumers the ultimate high-quality, consistent, and enjoyable experience.

Creating a consistent product and experience for your customers is foundational to building a successful brand. You spend money, time, and effort convincing consumers to try your product – if they enjoy it, great! But what happens if they purchase again, and the product isn’t quite the same? The brand value has been diminished, and an unwritten promise has been broken. They may move on to a competitor, or worse, leave unfavorable reviews.

Consistency is challenging.

Flower-based products like pre-rolls or hemp cigarettes carry unique consistency challenges. 

The flower material used in the product will have variations from batch to batch. In addition, growing conditions like light, nutrients, or air temperature can significantly impact the plant and change the aroma, taste, terpene profile, or even cannabinoid levels.

Changes in manufacturing processes or equipment, handling, and storage can also cause variations. While growing with identical genetics from crop to crop may reduce some of these issues, it’s impossible to control and account for all of them. So how do you create atruly consistent and repeatable product?

Botani hemp filler creates consistency.

By mixing our hemp filler with your unprocessed flower, you can reduce or eliminate variations between product batches. And because Botani hemp filler is made with our proprietary manufacturing process that includes no additives or glues, you can still keep the promise of a natural product to your customers.
If you’re producing a hemp cigarette, you can even opt to use our hemp filler without any other flower or filler. Infuse it with the flavors and aromas you want to create a perfectly repeatable product.
Our hemp fillers are available in ready-to-use cut-rag and custom formats for combustible, oral, Shisha, and heated style applications. We can also create active ingredient infusions featuring CBD, terpenes, or custom flavors upon request. The customization possibilities are endless, allowing you to create an easily replicable product that is uniquely yours.