Ready for Launch: A Go-To-Market Playbook for Your Next Pre-Roll Line

Do you want to launch a premium cannabis pre-roll line for your brand or dispensary? You’ll find everything you need to make it a success in this blog.

There’s never been a better time to establish a premium cannabis pre-roll line. 

As the demand for legal cannabis continues to boom, pre-rolls are booming alongside it. Pre-rolls are so popular that they’ve consistently outpaced overall market growth, surging nearly 50% in 2020 despite the pandemic.  


New pre-roll brands can tap into this profitable market by creating a unique product—but it takes considerable technical know-how and marketing ability to stand out in a crowded field. 


Here are some of the most important details to consider as you work to launch your pre-roll brand.

Identifying Your Target Audience

Because there are so many pre-rolls on the market today, brands need to target a specific consumer niche to compete. 

Here’s a checklist for identifying the consumers who can’t wait to try your pre-rolls:

  • Consider your customer base. If you have an established product, who are the people who use it? What are their unique interests and needs?
  • Check out the competition. There are a lot of high-quality pre-rolls out there – have any brands created a product you admire? What aspects of their products and marketing would your customer respond to?
  • Analyze your products. What are the qualities of your existing cannabis products that you believe attract loyal customers? How can you ensure those qualities are carried through to your new pre-roll line?
  • Consider your target market’s lifestyles. What are their activities, interests, and opinions? What drives their behavior?

Once you’ve addressed these key factors, you’ll be equipped to meet the needs of your ideal pre-roll consumer.

joint packaging illustration

Branding & Packaging

Of course, it’s what’s on the inside that matters, but branding and packaging with visual appeal is the key to getting your pre-rolls into customers’ hands.

When developing a branding strategy for your pre-roll line, you should draw on the information you’ve gathered through customer research. 

By now, you should know the brands that your target audience is drawn to, both cannabis-related and otherwise. 

You understand their needs and how your product is poised to meet them. Your branding and packaging decisions should create an aesthetic presence that reinforces that message visually.

Marketing Your Pre-Roll Line

You must develop a comprehensive marketing plan to successfully launch a new custom pre-roll line. Here are a few bullet points to help you get the job done:

  • Develop an executive summary that provides an overview of the plan and aims at key results.
  • Determine metric-driven marketing goals, so you can track your plan’s performance as your pre-roll line goes to market. 
  • Identify and develop deep customer personas so you can understand consumer needs. 
  • Research all key competitors. It’s important to know what else is out there and how your pre-roll stacks up.
  • Establish accurate baseline success metrics so your team is always on the same page.
  • Create an actionable marketing strategy, with specific steps for the rollout of your new brand.
  • Set reporting guidelines, so team members know when to check in and report their progress with your marketing strategy.

Customize Your Pre-Roll

Now that we’ve covered branding and marketing, let’s look at how we can design branded pre-rolls that appeal to your identified audience.

Flower for Pre-Rolls

Let’s start with an essential aspect of the pre-roll: flower. 

While many consumers believe they want a pure flower pre-roll, hemp filler is the best way to ensure consistency. 

Hemp filler, along with the appropriate infusion of flavors and terpenes, encourages the entourage effect and can be infused with any flavoring or terpene profile you desire, so your consumers get a replicable smoking experience that keeps them coming back for more.


The length and type of filter your pre-roll uses at the tip can significantly alter the smoking experience. 

Shorter filters create a more direct smoking experience that receives less filtration, so your consumer experiences harsher, more potent hits. Conversely, longer filters create lighter, cooler hits and a more easy-going smoking experience. The diameter of the tip also has an impact, controlling the flow of smoke and how much your consumer can inhale.

Pick Your Size

Altering the diameter and filter length and using paper cones and tubes allows you to customize how much cannabis you can put into your pre-roll.

Single pack pre-rolls tend to clock in at .75 grams or higher, creating a perception of value. However, Multipack pre-rolls are generally smaller, around .5 grams or less, for a more streamlined and affordable final product.


The type of filter your pre-roll uses is just as important as its size. Standard pre-rolls use a rolled-up or folded paper tip, which may also be turned into a spiral. While basic, these filters lower the smoke’s temperature and prevent the inhalation of particulate matter.

For a more effective filtering experience, use a filter made of corn husk or a bio-cooling filter crafted from hemp fiber (Botani Hemp Filtration Media) that uses micro-perforations to cool smoke and reduce harshness.

Lastly, to create a high-end branded experience, some producers use a glass or wood filter tip as a premium add-on. It has great visual appeal and gives the smoking experience a pleasant tactile quality.

Brand Your Pre-Roll Cones

Branding is where pre-roll production and marketing intersect, and there are several methods for achieving this balance.

It’s easy to directly print your pre-roll logo or other branding design onto your filter tip or even on the paper itself using food-safe inks. Alternately, some producers use an external sticker wrap around the pre-roll stand, with a cigar-style band or a simple strip of branded design for a glossier final touch.

Pre-Roll Filling Machines

So you’ve got your visual appeal figured out, but how to manufacture those pre-rolls? While you could always go old school and tediously pack them by hand, we recommend using a pre-roll filling machine.

These machines can fill over 100 pre-rolls every few minutes, skyrocketing your production rates.

They also ensure your pre-rolls are rolled the same way, with identical weights, composition, and tightness. Then, once you develop a branding plan and invest in a machine, you’ll be ready to get rolling!

We know this sounds like a lot, but don’t worry, our experts are here to help! 

Let’s design a pre-roll your customers love. Get in touch with Botani today.