What Does “Tobacco-Free” Mean for Your Revenue Predictability?

Hemp blunt wraps can attract new customers and keep them coming back.

As pre-rolls become increasingly popular in the global cannabis market, many brands are turning their attention to blunt smokers.

One of the first unofficial commercial segments of the American cannabis market, traditional blunt wraps have long been sold in gas stations, grocery stores, and smoke shops, allowing consumers who are comfortable smoking tobacco along with their cannabis to create DIY pre-rolls.

Now that the legality of cannabis is spreading, it’s clear that rolled blunt products represent a meaningful opportunity for new brands. But many cannabis customers are unwilling to consume tobacco and nicotine, so traditional tobacco blunt wraps have limits that can compromise revenue predictability. The solution? Invest in new types of wraps that can provide a nicotine-free smoking experience.

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History of the Blunt

Before we explore the future of blunts, let’s look at their history. Tobacco blunt wraps originally gained popularity in the Caribbean, where tobacco leaves or emptied cigars were used as rolling paper for cannabis. There are a few theories about how this came to pass. At the time, it was difficult to find pre-rolled cones, and tobacco leaves were a readily available alternative. In addition to that, blunt wraps not only made smoking cannabis more discrete, they increased the amount of cannabis people could consume in one sitting.

Caribbean immigrants who came to New York City in the 1980s brought the blunt with them, and hip-hop music of the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s led to its widespread popularity throughout the United States. The blunt has been an icon of the cannabis scene ever since.

In fact, a 2014 study showed that 20% of regular smokers preferred blunts over any other form of cannabis consumption, and they typically purchased their blunt wraps from smoke shops, gas stations, head shops, and the occasional grocery store.

The legalization of cannabis led to a decline in these numbers—cannabis consumers concerned with the harmful chemicals associated with traditional blunt wraps had more options available to them—but it’s clear there’s an appetite for blunts.

Traditional Blunts vs. Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps are gaining a new foothold in the blunt market due to an influx of brands creating hemp wraps of their own.

When produced with quality hemp, a hemp blunt wrap can offer CBD and be infused with natural flavorings and aromas that appeal to consumers. They burn evenly, like traditional blunt wraps, and offer a similar smoking experience. The biggest difference between the two is that nicotine-free hemp wraps produce a more calming effect than their tobacco-based counterparts.

The one downside to many of the new hemp wrap designs is that some consumers find it more challenging to roll blunts with hemp wraps. But with the right partner producing your wraps, this is an easy problem to solve.

More Consumers Are Starting To Enjoy the Taste of Cannabis in the Legal Era

As cannabis consumption becomes more common, legal consumers are developing an appreciation for the subtleties of high quality cannabis flower, particularly how it tastes. In a recent survey, cannabis customers listed taste as one of the top qualities they consider when purchasing cannabis.

Consumers typically see alcohol and cannabis consumption as separate from tobacco use. Many cannabis enthusiasts who are interested in the premium experience of smoking a blunt won’t use tobacco in any form. Hemp blunt wraps not only preserve the taste of cannabis, they’re tobacco-free, which is exactly what consumers are looking for.

Another consideration is that FDA bans and crackdowns on both nicotine and tobacco products are increasingly common, and they pollute revenue predictability for your brand. By basing your blunt wrap offerings on hemp rather than tobacco, you’ll be able to connect with a whole category of consumer who would otherwise be uninterested in your product, all while avoiding any future regulatory challenges.

What Has Been Available Up to Now?

Keeping tobacco out of cannabis products is hardly a new idea. Until now, most cannabis products, including pre-rolls, joints, vapes, and other smokable forms of cannabis flower, have been formulated to be tobacco-free in order to appeal to the widest possible audience.

This strategy has paid off as cannabis consumption continues to grow. In fact, one report states, “By 2025, Headset expects the total annual U.S. cannabis market to reach $45.8B.” Global tobacco use, by contrast, is falling.

The only segment of the cannabis market that has been left out of this global cannabis revolution are blunt smokers and smokers who would only use blunt wraps if a tobacco-free alternative was available.

Where Is It Legal To Sell a Hemp-Based Product?

Some of the market’s slowness to embrace tobacco-free blunt wraps is due to the common misperception that they can only be sold in cannabis dispensaries, but it’s legal to sell hemp-based blunt wraps anywhere tobacco leaf blunt wraps are sold. Gas stations, head shops, smoke shops, grocery stores, and all the other places that traditionally stock tobacco blunt wraps can legally sell hemp blunt wraps, as long as the cannabis isn’t included!

Getting your product on these shelves will help increase your market share to include cannabis consumers who are more comfortable finding new products in a traditional retail environment, as well as blunt users who may be seeking out an alternative to their usual tobacco purchase.

Ways To Earn Revenue With a Product That Is Tobacco Free

According to one report, “The global Blunt Wrap market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 13.8% during the forecast period from 2021-2030.”

Impressive, right? But that number only counts consumers of traditional blunts. By creating hemp-based blunt products, you’ll reach an even wider audience of cannabis consumers.

Many cannabis consumers are intrigued by the blunt experience but unwilling to enter the world of tobacco. By using a hemp wrapper, your blunts will be naturally nicotine-free, reaching this segment of the market while also appealing to traditional blunt users looking to minimize their tobacco consumption or seeking a novel experience.

What Botani’s Hemp Blunt Offerings Can Do

So why go with Botani? We believe in building blunts better.

Our gummed wrappers offer you an opportunity to expand your blunt offerings into a broader audience of consumers with the support of our global infrastructure and over 400 years of papermaking expertise.

Crafted from natural hemp, our wraps offer natural occurring CBD and are designed to stay flexible for longer. They’re also easy to ship and store, creating the perfect product for the convenience-minded consumer. We’ll work with you to create your perfect wrap with a material that offers the perfect base for infusions, differentiating your product by customizing every aspect to create the blunt wrap of your customer’s dreams. And of course, they’re tobacco-free.

Ready to revolutionize the world of blunts? Contact Botani for more information.