9 Simple Steps To Bring Your Cannabis Blunt Wraps to Market

Are you interested in offering custom blunt wraps to your customers? Here are nine simple steps to do it successfully.

It can be challenging to develop a new brand and bring it to market in the cannabis industry.

The competition continues to increase as the market expands, so brands and dispensaries look under every rock to find clear points of differentiation.

Surprisingly, blunt wraps might offer you a path to differentiation and customer loyalty that other products won’t. There’s a growing interest in tobacco-free blunt wraps, and Botani is here to help with a comprehensive guide that covers everything from conception to consumption.

Let’s look at how your brand can tap into the demand for natural wraps.

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Why Blunt Wraps?

First things first: It’s essential to understand the difference between cannabis blunt wraps and pre-roll papers. Pre-roll papers come in various sizes, but they’re smaller than blunt wraps and often don’t include additives or tobacco.

Blunt wraps offer consumers a smoother, more luxurious, and longer-lasting smoking experience than their pre-roll counterparts. But they traditionally include tobacco, which might not appeal to every consumer.

At Botani, we create exceptional custom hemp blunt wraps so brands can give consumers the delightful experience that only natural wraps can offer.

Start with Botani’s groundbreaking hemp-based blunt wrap alternative, and set yourself up to compete for a share of this growing corner of the cannabis marketplace.

Be Aware of Market Regulations

It’s essential to understand the market regulations that could impact your ability to reach consumers.

Blunt wraps are often classified as tobacco, whether tobacco-free or not, and in many US states, a license is required to sell wraps and collect taxes. So before you begin your brand rollout, learn all the local rules and regulations so you can plan accordingly and stay on the right side of the law.

Connect with Distributors

Even when using tobacco-free blunt wraps, there are regulations to consider. If you want to successfully position your product, you need to work with a qualified and experienced distributor that understands the process. Traditionally, blunt wraps are sold in dispensaries, smoke shops, or convenience stores, but they can also be sold online. A good distributor will understand how to get your product on shelves and online, and you’ll have more success getting your blunt wrap flavors to the consumers who will appreciate them.

Understand Your Audience

Currently, only about a third of cannabis consumers smoke blunts regularly. This may in part be due to a lack of options and availability. While there are countless rolling paper products, blunt smokers have traditionally been limited to tobacco products. Using tobacco-free blunt wraps allows consumers to focus on the flavor and aroma of cannabis.

Analyze Competition and Demand

So who are the traditional blunt wrap consumers you’re trying to reach?

Historically, these consumers purchase packs of tobacco leaf blunt wraps from convenience or grocery stores, and their blunt wrap preferences vary. Some enjoy the experience of sharing a large blunt. Others appreciate how flavored blunt wraps enhance taste. There are, of course, consumers who want to avoid nicotine and stay close to the cannabis experience.

That’s where you come in.

According to one report, the global blunt wrap market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 13.8% during the forecast period from 2021-2030, meaning that opportunities to differentiate yourself from traditional blunt wrap producers are on the rise.

By offering a hemp blunt wrap alternative, you can appeal to consumers who are looking to elevate their blunt smoking experience with a natural high-quality product.

Perfect Your Branding

In all industries, branding helps you stand out from the competition. The world of cannabis blunt wraps is no exception.

Your branding should be designed to meet an underserved area of the cannabis market or attract a popular demographic with room to grow.

Taking the time to understand your key consumer and develop a branding strategy that speaks to them will reinforce your brand’s potential for long-term success.

Determine Your Product Size

Blunts come in different dimensions; let’s break down the common blunt wrap sizes so you can better understand how they appeal to cannabis smokers and the occasions for which they’re used.

  • 110x65mm: Here to Party

The largest of the blunt wrap options, a 110x65mm blunt wrap means business. It’s perfect for consumers looking for the party experience of the traditional blunt. 

  • 108x34mm: For Solo Smokers

While a 108x34mm blunt wrap is more manageable than the 110x65mm option, it’s much more substantial than a conventional pre-roll. As a result, it’s perfect for consumers looking for an indulgent solo smoke session.

  • Cigarillo: For Old School Appeal

The cigarillo style and size of this blunt wrap summons an old-school tactile appeal that evokes a luxurious, handcrafted smoking experience packed with charm.

Design Your Packaging

When consumers encounter your product in their local dispensary or smoke shop, you want to make a lasting impression, and custom blunt wrap packaging is the best way to make your brand stand out against the competition.

Done well, your packaging should tell your brand’s story and appeal to the discerning cannabis consumer, so make sure your design choices are memorable, meaningful, and on point.


joint packaging illustration

Define Your Key Messaging

Defining your key messaging is central to establishing a successful blunt wrap brand. Here are some points to help you show consumers how you stand out from the conventional blunt wrap crowd with your use of Botani wraps:

  • They’re naturally nicotine free
  • They can be flavored or natural
  • They can have the same spiral wrap from base to tip as traditional blunts and other options
  • There’s much more space for cannabis inside than a standard pre-roll

Focusing on these points is an excellent way to communicate your key messaging to consumers.

Map Your Buyer Journey

The final step in bringing custom hemp blunt wraps to market is mapping your consumers’ experience and understanding their touchpoints before, during, and after engaging with your product.  

Here are the steps you should take into consideration when mapping that buyer’s journey:

  • Pick your marketing and distribution channels 
  • Create a sales plan
  • Set concrete goals 
  • Refine your process

Working with Botani, you’ll be able to offer consumers custom blunt wraps that allow them to enjoy an exquisite blunt smoking experience and appreciate the flavor and aroma of pure cannabis.

Want to learn more about Botani’s blunt wrap innovation? Contact Botani today.