The Blunt Wrap Market Is Booming, but Is There Room for You?

Is there room for your brand in the ever-expanding blunt wrap market? Read our blog and find out.

Ever since a wave of Jamaican immigrants brought them to the New York hip-hop scene of the ’80s and ’90s, blunt wraps have been an evergreen favorite for cannabis smokers around the globe.

It’s easy to understand their persistent appeal. Blunt wraps provide an aromatic, indulgent, and long-lasting smoking experience that makes them ideal for social consumption, and the street cred from their early days lends them an undeniable cachet. And as pre-rolls continue their ascendence in the legal cannabis market, industry experts predict that the market share of blunt wrap enthusiasts will only continue to grow.

Amidst all this excitement, you might be wondering if there’s room in the market for you. Read on to find out how your company can capitalize on the popularity of blunt wraps and how Botani is uniquely positioned to help.

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The Blunt Wrap Market Is Booming, but Is There Room for You?

As the popularity of cannabis keeps pace with spreading global legalization trends, the blunt wrap market is on the brink of worldwide growth.

After experiencing historic growth rates over the past decade—driven largely by cannabis consumers in legalized markets experimenting with alternative consumption methods—the blunt wrap sector is poised for additional growth.

This growth is impacted by several key factors. As cannabis legalization becomes the new norm, the global demand for blunt wraps is rising. Increasing demand from medical marijuana patients and their caretakers in the medical sector is further compounded by a new wave of sophisticated recreational cannabis smokers.

Tobacco consumption patterns are shifting, and smokers are looking for new ways to indulge. Blunt wraps are perfectly suited to provide a satisfying, tobacco-free smoking experience.

So what are the global trends in the blunt wrap market, and how can your organization stay ahead of the curve? Let’s take a closer look.

Blunt Wrap Market Size and Forecast

Cannabis industry experts agree: The blunt wrap market will grow significantly over the next seven to ten years. 

The global blunt wrap market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 13.8% between 2021 and 2030. Tobacco manufacturers seeking new sources of revenue with an alternative tobacco product are a contributing factor, but rising demand for customization and the legalization of cannabis worldwide also play a considerable role in this growth.

Two markets primed for incredible growth are Europe and the US, both of which are already areas of high demand for blunt wrap producers. 

USA Market

It’s safe to say that the American blunt wrap market is soaring. Due to the increasing use of inhalable products among consumers, including hemp, recreational cannabis, and medical cannabis, North American consumers are buying more blunt wraps than ever.

With an increasing number of users, the North American market is already experiencing unprecedented growth, a pattern that experts believe will continue in the years to come. And with cannabis legalization on the horizon, the demand for blunt wraps will only continue to grow.

EU Market

The blunt wrap market is still classified as emerging in Europe, which holds a share of over 14% in the global market as a whole, a position it is expected to maintain. With many famous tobacco brands driving demand for blunt wrap cigarettes in European countries, European consumers are developing a taste for the blunt wrap experience.

There’s an increasing demand for flavored rolling papers, which blunt wraps are uniquely suited to fill. Both Eastern and Western European regions are expected to experience an increased demand for blunts as the consumption of both cannabis and tobacco continue to rise.

Traditional Blunt Wrap Problems

It’s clear that the demand for blunt wraps is growing, but there are a number of factors impacting producers in the highly competitive blunt wrap space that prevent them from competing effectively. Issues with the raw materials and packaging of blunt wraps, along with a changing landscape of legal requirements, means that many companies struggle to enter this highly competitive market.


To prevent the crumbling and cracking caused by dried out blunts created using cast processing methods and traditional materials, many blunt wrap producers are forced to turn to inconvenient and expensive packaging solutions. Layers of bulky plastic and foil packaging materials, high-cost refrigerated shipping, and other inefficient stopgaps have become standard issue aspects of the blunt wrap production process. Not only are these methods expensive and sometimes unreliable, with a growing base of environmentally conscious consumers looking to minimize their carbon footprint, they can also put you at risk of alienating consumers.

Legal Requirements

Since the production of blunt wraps traditionally uses tobacco leaves, some producers worry that a consumer aversion to tobacco consumption may be paired with government interference, making it more difficult to sell tobacco-based blunts. Additionally, the blunt wrap production process is highly patented; if you have a blunt wrap production method in mind, the odds are that someone else has already discovered it, patented it, and made it prohibitively expensive and legally risky to duplicate.

Botani Gummed Wrap for Blunts next to Hemp paper, gold lighter and rolled blunts

Botani and Your Business's Future in Blunt Wraps

As popular as they are, it’s clear that blunt wraps have issues. But Botani is here to help. 

Our all-hemp wrappers are easy to use, self-adhering, and moisture optimized for safe storage and a long shelf life. These methods mean, assuming the customer doesn’t add flavors post-process, there’s no longer any need for expensive, environmentally unsound packaging, effectively removing the foil packaging problem.

*Please note that foil packaging is necessary if flavors are added to Botani blunt wraps during the conversion process. 

With centuries of expertise on our side, we’re able to accelerate your time to market with a product that can be produced easily, rapidly, and at a high volume with conventional roll your own machines. Alternately, use our booklet design to reduce cost, providing a scalable process whose convenience for the end user is impossible to beat.

The blunt market is growing, and you can grow with it, but only if you learn to build blunts better. That’s the Botani way. 

Interested in getting in on the action? Book your consultation today to find out how we can help your blunt business boom.