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There’s a new way to blunt

Botani Gummed Wraps

Cannabis consumers frequently seek out new products and innovations. So, naturally, they’re excited when a brand introduces an innovative twist on an old favorite.  

Our new Gummed Wrappers are an excellent alternative to the traditional blunt wraps consumers are used to. And it’s the perfect opportunity for you to expand your blunt offerings into a broader market backed by Botani’s infrastructure and over 400 years of papermaking experience. 

It’s not about what’s in the wraps. It’s about what isn’t.

We make Botani Gummed Wraps using hemp and only hemp. Our wraps are:


  • Produced from all-natural hemp that remains flexible 
  • 100% tobacco-free
  • A natural complement to cannabis and hemp flower (with naturally-occurring CBD)
  • Easy and affordable to ship and store
  • Fully-customizable
  • The perfect base for infusions 
  • An ideal solution for the convenience-minded consumer (emphasis on convenience)
Botani Gummed wrap

The cannabis marketplace is growing increasingly competitive, consumers are becoming savvier and more demanding, and differentiation opportunities are growing scarce. 

Botani can customize every element of your Gummed Wrap, so it differentiates your brand from the competition and gives consumers the natural experience they crave. 

Benefits for Global B2B and B2C Brands

Our Gummed Wrap is more than a product; it’s a solution designed to help global brands enter the cannabis market. Botani can help you reach cannabis consumers quickly and easily. 

And when it comes to Business-to-Consumer cannabis brands, our wraps let you tap into a global network of cannabis connoisseurs interested in an enhanced, natural smoking experience. 

Don’t believe us? Try them yourself.

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