How Your Brand Can Get Botani Products

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Are you a business owner or brand interested in Botani?

Find out how you can work with us in this blog.

It happens often. 

A new brand gets in touch, and after talking for a while, it becomes clear that we’re not equipped to work with them directly. It can be a frustrating experience for clients, spending time and energy that would be better suited to dreaming up the perfect use for their new Botani paper.

While we’re thrilled to meet the cannabis needs of new and established brands alike, we’re only equipped to deal directly with brands whose orders are over a certain size. Brands can obtain Botani paper for smaller orders, but the process is slightly more complicated. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how your brand can get Botani, including the steps to take, our commitment to your growth, and the third-party suppliers who can help your growing brand take advantage of the Botani difference.

Why Botani Is the Best for Your Cannabis Company

Before we break down how to get Botani, let’s review why your brand might be interested in working with us in the first place.

For brands large and small that seek us out, it all comes down to the Botani difference. We blend over 400 years of papermaking experience with a cutting-edge approach to cannabis consumption technologies.

Botani Gummed Wrap for Blunts next to Hemp paper, gold lighter and rolled blunts

From natural hemp-based rolling papers and cones, to consistency-boosting hemp filler and our game-changing take on blunt wraps, Botani does it all. We’re here to help your brand stand out in an increasingly crowded cannabis marketplace with a natural, cost-effective, premium take on the cannabis consumption experience consumers will return to again and again.

Who Does Botani Supply?

The short answer: everybody! We’re passionate about innovation in the cannabis space and committed to helping brands of all sizes grow to their full potential and meet consumer needs better than ever before.

But it’s a little more complicated than that. Anyone can get Botani products, but the way that you obtain them varies depending on the size of your brand.

We have the capacity to work with large brands directly, consulting with your team to develop exotic products designed to perfectly fulfill your specifications or connecting you with the standard paper specifications that perfectly suit your needs.

Botani Employee working in the Botani Facility

When it comes to determining which Botani products are best for your brand, we’re happy to consult with cannabis businesses of any size to ensure that your company gets the exact products it needs to suit your needs and the needs of your customers.

If you’re ordering less than 500 kg of product at one time, or do not have conversion capabilities, we’ll be able to refer you to a paper converter who can help deliver the exact products you need in the quantity, and with the specifications, that work for your brand.

If your brand has conversion capabilities and orders over 500 kg of product at a time, we’ll be able to consult with you directly to deliver the Botani products you need to help your brand thrive.

As much as we value the creativity, flexibility, and passion of clients committed to working with cannabis on a more boutique scale, the practical needs of companies working with smaller quantities of Botani products or without in house conversion capabilities means that our recommended conversion experts are best suited to get the job done.

Does this mean your small brand is unable to work with Botani?

Far from it! In fact, we value our partnerships with small brands so highly that we work with third-party paper suppliers. These suppliers, commonly called paper converters, work directly with smaller brands to ensure they get the high-quality, hemp-based paper products Botani can provide.

Our partnerships with paper converters are a core part of our commitment to fostering innovation in the cannabis space. They allow us to work with any brand, regardless of size.

How to Work With a Converter

If you’re a smaller brand that’s interested in working with Botani, the idea of collaborating with a paper converter might seem alien to you. But it’s relatively simple, especially with a little help from your friends at Botani!

A paper converter works directly with us to source Botani products and craft them on a boutique scale to meet your specifications. They’re able to use their expertise to transform a roll of Botani paper into as many varieties of end products as you can dream up.

A good converter can work with your brand to develop custom Botani paper solutions to meet your needs and help your business grow to the point where you’ll be large enough to consult with us directly.

How do you find a converter? Botani can help. When you get in touch, we’ll suggest the best converters to use based on the end products your company needs. By working together, we’ll make sure you’re referred to a trusted conversion partner who can work to our high standards to deliver the Botani products your customers will love.

Working With Botani

So there you have it—the steps you need to take to get Botani as seamlessly as possible.

Whether you’re a small business working with a converter or a larger brand excited to work with us directly, we’re thrilled that you’ve discovered Botani.

Still have questions? Ready to launch our partnership? Get in touch.