Filling the Knowledge Gap on Hemp Filler

Filler is often a polarizing topic in cannabis circles, but it shouldn't be. Here's everything you need to know.

The cannabis pre-roll space is packed with fierce competitors.

As one of the fastest-growing segments of the global cannabis market, pre-rolls are a reliable source of new customers for dispensaries and brands. They’re also an excellent tool for building brand value.

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But once you’ve secured the highest quality flower and dialed in your branding, there’s another ingredient you can include to offer a reliable and consistent product: hemp filler.

Today, some of the most significant (and intelligent) brands are turning to hemp filler to boost their pre-roll quality, consistency, and reliability.

So let’s get you up to speed on the ins and outs of hemp filler with this blog.

What is hemp filler?

Created from the hemp plant’s raw materials, hemp filler is a plant fiber-based material that lends quality and consistency to rolled smokable products like herbal cigarettes and pre-rolls. Brands primarily rely on hemp filler to offer a replicable smoking experience to the consumer. But it also offers exciting and creative possibilities. Hemp filler is easy to infuse and flavor, providing another opportunity for your brand to connect to consumers with a genuinely unique product.

How is hemp filler made?

While each brand has its own processes, at Botani, we make hemp filler using time-tested methods that allow our customers to enjoy the benefits of high-quality hemp alongside cannabis.

We use our expertise in organic fibers to reconstitute hemp materials into fillers compatible with modern high-speed rolling equipment, allowing you to roll quickly, scale efficiently, and meet present and future regulatory requirements.

Botani Hemp filler in a paper bowl next to cigarettes wrapped in Botani Hemp paper laying on top of natural Botani Paper

Is hemp filler eco-friendly?

Good news for companies who care for mother earth and create all-natural products—hemp filler is a sustainable standby.

Like other natural plant-based materials, hemp is a preferred fiber in terms of sustainability; its environmental impact is considerably less harmful than other materials.

Botani sources extracted cannabis material in the production of our hemp fillers.

Is hemp filler different from hemp fiber?


Hemp fiber has a different structure than hemp filler. It’s often used to manufacture textiles and other materials. Hemp filler is a homogeneous product processed from cannabis leaf and flower that naturally compliments your pre-roll flower.

What is hemp filler used in?

Hemp filler is primarily used in pre-rolls and hemp or herbal cigarettes.

In THC pre-rolls, hemp filler can foster quality and consistency for the ultimate pre-roll experience. Hemp fillers are also used in CBD pre-rolls (hemp contains naturally-occurring CBD).

Botani Hemp Filler in a wood bowl

Why is hemp filler mixed with unprocessed cannabis flower?

It takes high-quality, unprocessed cannabis flower to set the foundation for a pre-roll. 

But savvy brands know that you need hemp filler to create an experience consumers can rely on.

Flowers’ smell, taste, and consistency vary from batch to batch, making it challenging to create a consistent product on which consumers can rely. 

Hemp filler allows you to manage these variations to create a pre-roll that delivers a high-quality experience every time.

Can you infuse hemp filler with flavors?

Definitely, in fact, hemp filler’s infusibility is one of the qualities that make it a must-add in creating a consistent pre-roll experience.

Balance out the batch-to-batch inconsistency of raw flower by infusing your hemp filler with complimentary terpenes to create a smoking experience consumers can rely on with dependable aromas and flavors.

Can CBD be infused into hemp filler?

Yes! While hemp naturally contains varying percentages of CBD, it’s easy to infuse hemp filler with additional CBD to create an enjoyable non-psychoactive pre-roll experience with a dependable, replicable CBD content, flavor, and aroma.

Infuse your hemp filler with CBD to create soothing hemp cigarettes, or balance out high THC flower for a more complex smoking experience.

In what custom formats are hemp fillers available?

Once you’ve decided to use hemp fillers, the pre-roll world is yours to explore!

Botani’s hemp fillers are available in ready-to-use cut rag and custom formats suitable for combustible, oral, Shisha, and heated style applications.

Have an alternate format in mind? Speak to a Botani expert to make your dream come true with endless customization possibilities.

Does hemp filler have additives or glues?

Last but not least, one of the best things about Botani’s hemp fillers is what it isn’t.

Free of most additives, glues, or other chemical ingredients that raise red flags with consumers, our hemp fillers allow you to create a high-quality, replicable smoking experience that’s grounded in natural materials.