Cracking the Blunt: The REAL Cost of Goods Sold

Traditional blunt wraps are fragile, prone to cracking, and contain hidden costs. Botani’s hemp blunt wraps aren’t just easy to package, ship, and store, they’re specifically designed to be used reliably and efficiently on an industrial scale so you can reach more cannabis consumers.

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It’s safe to say most blunt wraps are less than satisfying. If you spend time in various cannabis-appreciating corners of the internet, you’ll discover blunt wrap manufacturers have long struggled to keep customers and suppliers happy.

Blunt wraps are notorious for cracking, warping, or disintegrating into unusable shards, leaving consumers frustrated, causing high return rates, and damaging the reputation of your blunt wrap brand.

Here’s the good news: We’ve solved these problems!

We’ve eliminated the need for expensive and environmentally unfriendly packaging required to seal in moisture, the costs of refrigerated shipping and storage, and the short shelf life and unpredictable smoking experience associated with traditional and tobacco-free blunt wraps. Simply put, we’re building better blunts.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional Blunt Wraps and Hemp Wraps?

What makes a blunt wrap traditional? The answer lies in the materials.

For centuries, blunt wraps have been crafted from tobacco leaves. First used in island nations like Jamaica before traveling to the US via the hip-hop scene in New York during the 1980s, tobacco leaves can make excellent natural blunt wrappers. The problems start when the logistics of international transport and storage come into play, but we’ll get to that later.

While traditional blunt wraps are tobacco-based, hemp is an increasingly popular blunt wrap alternative that’s naturally tobacco-free, making them a more popular choice for blunt cannabis consumers who may be averse to tobacco consumption. Like tobacco leaf blunts, hemp blunt wraps create the slowest burning blunt with a luxurious consumption experience. But unlike tobacco leaves, hemp blunt wraps are fully customizable. They’re also easier and more affordable to ship, transport, and store.

Why Traditional Blunt Wraps Crack

Tobacco blunt wrappers are notoriously prone to cracking. Why? Tobacco leaves are a naturally fragile material, so when conditions are even slightly less than optimal, they dry out quickly, which makes them difficult to process on an industrial scale.

Here are some of the common issues that cause tobacco-based wholesale blunt wraps to crack under pressure:

  • Storage conditions lack the proper moisture levels
  • Seasonal conditions are cool and dry
  • Blunts have been transported improperly or without an expensively designed, ecologically unfriendly protective packaging layer
  • Rough handling in transport, including falling containers or unfavorable weather conditions

With so many potential causes of cracking, it’s no wonder tobacco blunt wraps experience such a high failure rate.

Why Botani Hemp Wraps Do Not Crack

Unlike tobacco blunts, Botani’s natural blunt wraps won’t crack under pressure. Our hemp wrap blunt design was created with groundbreaking technology to offer a slow-burning, luxurious consumption experience cannabis users will love.

We drew on carefully designed proprietary technology to eliminate the foil packaging used in traditional blunt wrap transport. Not only does this enable you to save money on expensive and excessive packaging, it also creates a more eco-friendly experience for the consumer. Even better, you can design your blunt packaging using whatever materials.

Due to our revolutionary hemp materials, Botani blunt wraps don’t need to be refrigerated at any point during transport or storage, and they have a far greater shelf life than traditional blunt wraps. Reduce your overhead by eliminating the need for specialized shipping containers and storage facilities, and keep your blunt wraps fresher and tastier for longer than ever before.

Last but not least, the flexibility of our gummed wraps offers a vastly improved consumer experience. With Botani, your blunts will no longer be difficult to roll. Botani’s non-tobacco blunt wraps possess all of the positive aspects of a tobacco leaf blunt, but they won’t dry out or crack.

How Hemp Wraps Help Industrial Cannabis Manufacturing Scale Up

Blunt cracking isn’t only an issue for consumers; it also creates a major barrier for producers operating on a high level.

Tobacco leaves are an excellent material for small-scale, roll-your-own blunt production, but when it comes to operating on a global scale, they simply aren’t up to scratch. Their propensity for cracking and shattering makes them an unsuitable material for brands looking to scale up their production in a major way.

When your organic materials perform unpredictably, your throughput levels will inevitably suffer. Traditional blunts are prone to cracking, which can mess up high speed machinery and slow down the production process, forcing your line to grind to a halt until materials can be extracted and repairs can be made. It’s a slow, frustrating, and profit margin-reducing experience that most blunt manufacturers are all too familiar with.

These problems are a thing of the past when you use Botani’s innovative hemp wraps. Not only are they moisture optimized for safe storage and a long shelf life, they’re specifically designed to be used reliably and efficiently on an industrial scale. No cracking or shattering means no slowdowns. This increased efficiency allows you to scale up with ease and meet the growing consumer demand for tobacco-free cannabis products.

Ready to revolutionize your consumer’s blunt wrap experience? Contact a Botani representative and begin your journey today.