Have Your Blunt and Smoke It, Too

Hemp and botanical-based blunt wraps are excellent tobacco alternatives that will help you reach more cannabis consumers.

Blunts have long been a popular way for cannabis consumers to enjoy their product.

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Blunt wraps can be found in bodegas, convenience stores, and supermarkets across the nation. Back in the days when manufactured pre-rolled cannabis products were nearly impossible to find, blunt wraps provided cannabis consumers with a more luxurious smoking experience

These days, as the pre-roll market quickly becomes one of the fastest-growing and most profitable segments of the legal cannabis industry, blunts appeal to cannabis consumers around the globe.

Not only is there the nostalgia factor that makes these OG pre-roll products feel authentic and desirable, traditional blunts have a host of qualities that new consumers quickly come to love. Slow-burning and featuring an undeniably great taste, blunt smoking is an easy consumption method for new cannabis consumers.

However, with an increasing segment of the consumer market preferring tobacco-free products, blunt manufacturers find themselves hitting a ceiling that limits the market share their products appeal to.

Now Botani is here with game-changing tobacco-free blunt wraps that offer the experience consumers crave without the associated consequences.

What are tobacco-free wraps made of?

Moving away from tobacco in your blunt production will help you reach a larger audience of potential blunt consumers, but what are all these tobacco-free wraps made of? Let’s take closer look at the most popular alternative materials used in tobacco-free blunts, and the pros and cons associated with each option:

  • Hemp

The most popular tobacco alternative on the market, all-natural hemp wraps offer a similar look, feel, and burn rate to traditional blunt wraps. They’re easy to transport and store, and they offer the slow-burning, long-lasting, and supremely flavorful consumption experience customers want.

  • Palm Leaves

Typically made from Tendu or Cordia palm leaves, palm leaf blunts smoke similarly to traditional tobacco leaf cigars and have an earthy flavor that some consumers enjoy. Others, however, find it off-putting. Palm leaves are a popular alternative to tobacco blunts primarily due to their aesthetic appeal. 

  • Banana Leaves 

Long used in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean as a wrap for smokable products like cannabis and tobacco, banana leaves are slow-burning and bold—and no, they don’t taste like bananas! Banana leaves may crack or split in transit, which makes them much more difficult to transport than hemp.

  • Ebony Leaves

Just as the banana leaf was historically used in Jamaica to wrap pre-rolls, the ebony leaf was used in India and other parts of South Asia for the same purpose. While they offer a slow burn, they can’t be customized like hemp wraps.

  • Flower Petals

More novelty than a practical alternative to traditional blunt wraps, flower petals are still a romantic alternative to other rolling papers, especially for holidays like Valentine’s Day! Their fragility makes them difficult to store and transport, but they’re a good option for smokers looking for a date night surprise.

Why should cannabis brands add tobacco-free blunt wraps to their product line?

It’s clear that hemp wraps offer the best solution to the blunt wrap problem, but why should cannabis brands add tobacco-free blunts to their product line?

Let’s start with the blunt aspect of the equation. With pre-rolls growing in popularity, hemp blunt wraps offer a novel form of consumption that tobacco-averse cannabis consumers want. Because of their size, flavor, and slow-burning qualities, blunts offer a high-end, luxurious smoking experience that encourages social consumption. With more and more consumers reducing their social use of alcohol in favor of cannabis, a tobacco-free blunt offering creates an opportunity that social cannabis consumers will be drawn to, increasing your exposure in the marketplace.

Blunts are clearly a popular consumer option, but why keep them tobacco-free? Put simply, you want to maximize your potential audience. Consumers interested in blunts may shy away when they learn that tobacco is involved. Botani blunt wraps preserve the desirable sensory experience of blunt consumption without the potential reduction in market share that could be caused by the presence of tobacco.

Ready to add a high-quality, tobacco-free blunt offering to your cannabis brand? Excellent choice! Consult with a Botani rep today to create an irresistible product consumers will return to again and again.