8 Ways to Offer a More Consistent Joint

Here are eight ways to give loyal consumers a better, more consistent pre-rolled joint.

It’s no secret that pre-rolled joints are one of the fastest-growing segments of the burgeoning cannabis market. 

As legalization spreads throughout the United States, pre-roll sales are especially critical in markets where new consumers are experiencing legal cannabis for the first time.

Focusing on pre-roll consistency helps you ensure that these new consumers develop loyalty and that existing cannabis consumers reach for your pre-rolls instead of the competition. 

Botani is here to help with eight tips for creating a more consistent joint. 

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Why Consumers Prefer Pre-Rolled Joints

Before we get technical, let’s examine why pre-rolled joints are an excellent tool to attract–and retain–new consumers. 

Veteran consumers often sample pre-rolls to gauge the quality of a dispensary or brand’s flower. And if they enjoy what you offer, they’ll return to your pre-rolls when they seek a dependable and convenient option. 

New cannabis consumers often start with pre-rolls because they’re a straightforward consumption style that makes dosing simple. They’re also an affordable first-time purchase. Offering a reliably consistent experience ensures these newly minted cannabis consumers choose your pre-rolls every time. 

Straightforward Ways Brands and Dispensaries Can Improve Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Here are eight essential steps dispensaries and brands must take to offer a reliable and consistent pre-rolled joint.  

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1. Use High-Quality Flower

Whether you rely on sourced or house-grown cannabis, using high-quality flower is the most crucial factor in producing pre-rolls that can stand up to the expectations of today’s cannabis consumers. Like an excellent meal, the best joints start with the finest base ingredients.

2. Maintain Consistent Flower Size

While flower quality is more important than flower size, a pre-roll produced with inconsistently sized flower offers an uneven and unsatisfying consumption experience. Joints manufactured with flower size inconsistencies will draw unevenly and “canoe.” And a frustrating smoking experience prevents customer loyalty. 

3. Offer Infused Pre Rolls

Even under the best circumstances, cannabis flower can vary wildly from crop to crop. The solution? Boosting your pre-rolls with kief or another infused cannabis product. 

What’s an infused pre-roll? It’s a pre-roll with boosted flavors and potency from alternate cannabis forms, like extracted oil or kief. They offer a rich and dependable consumption experience, something a loyal customer can turn to repeatedly for predictable results.

Pre-rolls with grinder and lighter

4. Use Hemp Filler

Smaller brands often use shake (small pieces of flower broken off the full bud) to fill in the gaps left by larger buds for a smooth and even smoking experience. But hemp filler is a superior choice. 

Like all cannabis flower, shake can vary from batch to batch. In contrast, hemp filler offers the same structural benefits as shake, and it can be infused with terpenes, flavors, and other active ingredients to support a consistent, high-quality experience. 

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5. Invest in High-Quality Cannabis-Specific Equipment

When it comes to joints, what’s on the inside matters. But production can make or break your ability to deliver consistent, replicable results. 

If you’re serious about pre-roll production, investing in the best cone rolling machine, industrial grinder, hemp bucker, and other machines designed to work at scale is essential.

6. Partner with a Steady Supplier of Rolling Papers & Cones

The best pre-rolled cones and papers come from suppliers who know the rolling paper business inside and out. 

With the right supplier, you’ll have a partner who understands logistics, legality, and other issues particular to the cannabis market and can work with you to meet consumer demands.

So what should you look for in your paper supplier? 

Expertise and a proven track record of success are the way to go. Partnering with an established paper manufacturer will ensure you have experience on your side in the R&D and execution phases of your joint production, as well as built-in scalability as your brand grows.

With over 400 years of papermaking experience and the relationships and infrastructure to take a product from paper to dispensary shelves, Botani is that partner.

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7. Committing to Rolling Paper Quality

It’s no secret that the best pre-rolls are created with the highest quality paper, which means hemp. 

While there are many options out there, industry experts agree that hemp rolling papers are unbeatable in producing a high-quality product, helping support flavonoid and terpene profiles, and creating a consistent experience that rewards customer loyalty.

8. Researching Proper Storage

Even if you’ve created the best pre-roll on the market, improper storage can turn your product into an inferior version of itself. 

Avoid exposure to oxygen, light, or heat in your facility. And select packaging specifically designed to ensure freshness once your pre-rolls are in a dispensary.

Are you ready to create a line of custom pre-rolls customers love? We want to help. Contact Botani today.