11 Critical Considerations When Selecting Wholesale Rolling Papers

If you're looking for the perfect wholesale partner (and options) for your emerging cannabis pre-roll brand, this blog is for you.

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Based on the latest numbers, it’s safe to say that pre-rolls are here to stay. 

According to research conducted by MJBiz Daily, cannabis pre-roll sales surged by 50% in 2020 despite the pandemic. 

Pre-rolls are always popular; they are a time-tested, classic cannabis consumption style requiring no special tools or knowledge to enjoy. So they are a wise investment for emerging cannabis brands and dispensaries. 

And if cannabis consumers love your pre-rolls, they’ll be more likely to sample any other products you develop. There’s also a good chance you’ll convert lifetime customers.  Still, there’s a lot to consider.  So, let’s unpack 11 essential details to keep in mind as you select the proper wholesale rolling papers (and supplier) for your new cannabis or hemp pre-roll line. 

Paper Type

Let’s start with the most crucial consideration when selecting your wholesale rolling paper supplier: paper type.

There are many options to choose from, each with unique pros and cons. 

For years, wood pulp paper was the standard because it’s affordable and widely available. But wood pulp can deliver a harsh aftertaste reminiscent of cigarettes.

Lighter options like ultra-thin rolling papers (sometimes made from rice) burn clean but might not stand up to the rigors of transport. 

Most experts agree that hemp is the way to go. 

Hemp is smooth-smoking, flavorful, sustainable (fast-growing and biodiverse), and sturdy enough for transport. It’s also appealing to consumers interested in a more natural experience.

Customizable Options

Your pre-rolls should be as unique as your brand, which means investing in wholesale custom rolling papers. 

But buying custom rolling papers wholesale can often be a hassle. 

Many suppliers only offer standard specs and sizing, limited customization options, and minimal assistance or support. 

You should look for a wholesale rolling paper supplier willing to work with you on customization.

Wholesale rolling paper suppliers like Botani offer appearance, size, flavor, and botanical infusion customizations that can spell the difference between run-of-the-mill and unforgettable.

3 Botani Pre-Rolls on a decorative yellow green holder next to a Botani card on a fuchsia background

Available Sizes

When it comes to pre-rolls, size definitely matters. 

Customers reach for pre-rolls of varying sizes based on their preferred experience and activities. 

“Dog walkers,” for example, are perfect for a short trip around the neighborhood (perhaps while walking the dog), while XXL pre-rolls appeal to experienced consumers or those interested in sharing (with adults, of course). 

This variability of sizing is why it’s so important to work with a supplier capable of producing pre-roll papers in various sizes.

Rolling Paper Glue

Many rolling paper glue (or gumming) options are available today, but that doesn’t mean all glues are created equal. 

Depending on your supplier’s manufacturing methods, your wholesale pre-roll papers might arrive with no glue, which means it’ll be left to you to apply in-house (adding a step to your production process). 

Or you might find your wholesale rolling papers arrive with overly sticky or challenging to manage one-size-fits-all adhesives with no customization options. 

To take advantage of every brand differentiation opportunity, you should look for a wholesale rolling paper supplier with different gumming options like flavor infusions and more.


Flavor is another excellent opportunity to differentiate your pre-rolls from the competition and make a lasting positive impression on consumers. 

Unfortunately, buying flavored rolling papers wholesale can often mean replicating flavors widely used by existing brands. 

But brands (like Botani) offer custom flavor options for wholesale rolling papers. 

Working with a paper supplier that offers flavor customizations allows you to take a hands-on approach to develop your pre-roll line.

Why stick to the tried and true when you can experiment with flavors and botanical blends that differentiate your brand in the marketplace?

3 Pink Botani Pre-Rolls sitting on a wood case and 3 magenta flowers


You should concern yourself with quality above all else. After all, with so many competing pre-roll brands on dispensary shelves, quality is an essential differentiator. 

Partnering with a wholesale rolling paper supplier who prioritizes quality is the best way to achieve your goals. 

You should look for a well-established wholesale rolling paper supplier with an in-depth knowledge of industry best practices and pitfalls. 

By choosing a supplier who is as committed to quality as you are, you’re making a long-term investment in the future of your brand.

Burn Rate

The rate at which your pre-roll burns significantly impacts consumer satisfaction.

If a pre-roll burns too slowly, it can frustrate consumers. While a pre-roll that burns too fast is often uneven and inconsistent and leaves customers dissatisfied.

Investing in high-quality rolling paper can make all the difference in ensuring your pre-rolls have a desirable burn rate. 

A hemp paper rolled in a professional machine will burn slowly – but not too slowly – producing a relaxing and predictable smoking experience every time.

Supplier Reliability

Reliability is the key to establishing consumer trust. But if you don’t have a reliable supplier, your consumers can’t rely on you.

Selecting a pre-roll supplier with a proven track record of experience and success in the paper production world is the key to creating a product consumers can count on. 

We think Botani’s over 400 years of paper production success is a good number, but we’ll let you decide. 

Supplier Responsiveness

The cannabis world is constantly in flux, and that means you need responsive suppliers ready to make changes as the market demands. 

A hands-on wholesale rolling paper provider committed to responsiveness and lasting relationships will help you respond rapidly to changing market conditions. 

But a supplier like Botani is so much more. We can help navigate industry and brand-related challenges, work with you to dream-up new pre-roll products, and ensure you’re always on the cutting edge.


Let’s face it—cannabis is an expensive business. And building a premium cannabis brand isn’t a low-budget activity. 

Finding a pre-roll paper supplier with transparent and flexible pricing can alleviate some of that financial strain. 

You should avoid rolling paper suppliers with suspiciously low pricing and work with a brand that can demonstrate the value inherent to their products (like Botani). 

Investing in the best materials and appropriate partners will save you money in the long run.

Value for the Price

Cheaper is definitely not always better when it comes to bulk rolling papers. 

Rock-bottom pricing often indicates poorly constructed, low-quality papers containing undesirable additives. 

And sub-par rolling papers can introduce issues that ultimately impact the customers’ experience. And that impacts your bottom line. 

You should seek a wholesale rolling paper supplier offering genuine value for the money you spend with them. 

They should help you produce a high-quality product at a fair cost you can pass along to your customers. 

It's a lot to think about, but Botani is here to help. Request a consultation to begin your pre-roll journey today.