The Definitive Cannabis Pre-Roll Glossary

Pre-rolls are always in-style. 

Most dispensaries keep a stack of prerolled joints by the register for “impulse buys” or offer pre-roll deals (no person turns down a penny joint) with large orders to keep customers coming back.

That’s why your dispensary staff needs to understand the latest pre-roll terms and trends. 

But what are pre-rolls (it’s a fundamental question with surprisingly complex answers)? And how are pre-rolls crafted? 

Let’s take a closer look at this timeless cannabis consumption method because even if you think that your pre-roll knowledge (and vocabulary) is extensive, we’re willing to bet you’ll walk away with valuable information from this short read.

What are Pre-Rolls?

Simply put, “pre-roll” is the name given to cannabis rolled in paper with a filter, creating a straightforward grab-and-go consumer indulgence. It’s the timeless joint, elevated (or at least elevated with the suitable materials and branding). 

Pre-rolls got their name because they’re, well, pre-rolled – filled with cannabis for easy consumption. Many consumers aren’t comfortable rolling joints, and even if they can, cannabis pre-rolls offer convenience that’s hard to refuse. 

Think of ordering take-out—sure, you could cook at home, but it’s easier and more indulgent to let the professionals handle it for you. Pre-rolls offer cannabis consumers reliability and ease, creating a replicable experience they can return to repeatedly. 

These are some reasons pre-rolls are among the most popular consumption methods for new cannabis enthusiasts.

Cigarettes wrapped in Botani hemp paper in a decorative wood bowl with hemp filler next to a gold zippo and Botani Card

Is it Pre-Rolls or Pre-Rolled Joints?

Pre-legalization, hand-rolled joints were the most popular way to consume cannabis, from flavored infused joints in cherry or grape wrappers to the king-size joints consumed by pop-culture legends like Cheech and Chong.

These days, in terms of language, “pre-roll” has largely replaced “joint” as the industry standard term. However, some consumers may still refer to them as joints in conversation, particularly the more nostalgically minded. 

While there’s no consensus about why this term was replaced in professional usage, it’s probably due to the specificity of pre-roll vs. joint. 

After all, “joint” describes a product that consumers could purchase pre-crafted or roll themselves. At the same time, the term “pre-roll” specifically indicates that you’re taking the hard work of rolling the perfect joint off your customer’s hands. 

This subtle language change reflects the increasing professionalization of the cannabis industry and the importance of sharing a standardized vocabulary.

up close of 13 cannabis joints in a circle shape

A Cannabis Pre-Roll Glossary

Now that we have the basics covered let’s get deeper into terminology. 


Classics are the standard pre-roll you’ll find in most dispensaries. Ranging between .5 -.75 grams, classics are rolled from natural paper, filled with cannabis, and twisted at the end to help encourage an even burn.

King Sized

A supersized take on the Classic, King Sized pre-rolls contain over a gram of flower. Most have wider filters to accommodate the increased girth, although some are longer rather than wider to pack in all that flower.

Cannabis Cigarettes

A pre-roll on stealth mode – cannabis cigarettes are deliberately rolled to appear identical to a tobacco cigarette. Popular with those who have roommates or family members uncomfortable with cannabis, they’re an undercover wonder.


Clocking in at various shapes and sizes, blunts are rolled with hemp wrappers and often contain hemp filler. They’re often flavored and popular for the CBD in the hemp that creates an entourage effect leading to a more potent high.

Kief Joints

Talk about a potent experience! Kief Joints contain no flower, just pure THC-loaded trichomes for a long-lasting smoke session. Coming in various sizes, this one is for pros only—inexperienced smokers beware.


The Moby Dick of the pre-roll world cannagars are enormous, potent, and entirely crafted from various parts of the cannabis plant, from the flowers that fill the cigar to the cannabis leaf that wraps it. Meant to be shared with friends or savored over a long period.


In an oil-dipped pre-roll, the flower is immersed in potent cannabis oils before being ground up and rolled. While there are various ways to introduce cannabis oil into your pre-roll, all are incredibly potent.

Dipped and Rolled

If oil-dipped isn’t powerful enough for your customers, dipped and rolled pre-rolls are the next step in intensity. The oil-dipped flower is rolled in kief, THC, CBD isolate, or hash for sky-high potency.

Caviar Joints/Moon Sticks

Made from dipping flower in cannabis concentrate, then rolling the sticky, potent buds in a few bonus layers of kief before grinding them up and sprinkling on a pre-roll, this form is the final word in pre-roll potency.

Gold Leaf

Last but not least, the ever-popular gold leaf pre-roll. A fixture on dispensary shelves and cannabis Instagram accounts, they offer a standard size and shape, with the only difference being the eye-catching exterior lined with a thin sheet of gold (sometimes image is everything).

Creating custom paper wrappers for your pre-rolls, especially as part of a cohesive branding package that includes exterior packaging, filter design, tube length, and all other aspects of the pre-roll, is the best way to gain purchase in the cannabis attention economy. 

So let’s look at some easy ways to stand out!

What’s Right For Your Dispensary or Brand?

As you can tell from our extensive list, there are many details to consider when you’re developing cannabis pre-rolls. So what kind of pre-roll is right for your dispensary? 

You’ll find your answer by deeply understanding your customer base. 

The more experienced and serious cannabis consumers you attract, the bigger you’ll likely want to go – but there’s a lot to be said for offering a little something for everyone. 

Whatever you decide, pre-roll education is the first step to building an in-house brand your customers will love.

Are you ready to differentiate your pre-rolls from the competition? We’re ready, too. Let’s work together.