The Anatomy of a High-Quality Wholesale Pre-Roll Cone (and Five Popular Brands)

Are you on the hunt for high-quality pre-roll cones for your dispensary or brand? Look no further than the manufacturers listed in our blog.

Most cannabis consumers are familiar with the humble (and venerable) joint.

That’s why the cannabis pre-roll market is growing at an unprecedented rate as legalization expands (customers aren’t scared of familiar products, and there’s almost nothing more familiar than a pre-rolled joint).

But the competition is fierce.

Innovative cannabis product brands and dispensaries are investing heavily in designer pre-roll cones they can fill with high-quality flower for discerning customers. It’s understandable.

Custom pre-roll cones signify quality; it’s an indication that your brand or dispensary takes quality seriously, while you offer them an easy way to sample various strains in a familiar and convenient package.

But creating a successful pre-roll brand isn’t easy.

We’re here to help with a straightforward pre-roll cone guide (it’s always good to learn the basics) and the best pre-roll cone options for your brand or dispensary.

What goes into cone papers?

You might think you’re an expert, but it’s always good to brush up on the basics. In the simplest terms, pre-roll cone papers are nothing more than an efficient cannabis delivery method.

But your selected materials can have a considerable impact on quality. For example, there are a few common materials from which pre-roll cones are made:

4 Different types of Botani Pre-Rolls on a light green background next to flower vegitation

Rice Paper

Popular in the earliest days of pre-rolls (think the 1800s early), rice paper burns quickly and has an excellent, simple flavor profile. However, it’s incredibly delicate.

Wood Pulp

Before hemp cones became the industry standard, wood pulp paper cones were typical. Taste is the primary distinction between hemp paper cones and wood pulp paper cones; wood pulp offers a harsh flavor.


Most industry experts agree hemp pre-roll cones are the best option. They’re environmentally friendly and offer a smooth flavor profile. But here’s the best part: naturally occurring terpenes contained in hemp can boost the entourage effect, giving consumers a more dynamic and longer-lasting experience. Purchasing wholesale hemp cones is an excellent way to start your brand’s pre-roll journey.

3 Pink Botani Pre-Rolls sitting on a wood case and 3 magenta flowers

What’s the difference between bleached and unbleached pre-roll cones?

You understand the basics, so it’s time to talk bleached versus unbleached pre-roll cones; it all comes down to color. Bleached pre-roll cones aren’t actually bleached. Instead, brands use other chemicals to strip plant-based papers of their natural hues, leaving them white.

Unbleached pre-roll cones are left untouched. Pre-roll cone manufacturers process the raw materials, turning them into paper, but the natural colors are left as-is or infused with an organic hue.

The decision of whether to use bleached or unbleached papers ultimately comes down to your brand’s aesthetic (the consumer experience is relatively similar with both options).

Can pre-roll cones expire?

Yes – and no. While pre-roll cones made from hemp or other non-infused materials don’t expire, they include a “best by” date.

Left neglected for a long time (especially in damp, hot, or otherwise undesirable conditions), pre-roll cones can grow brittle, and the adhesive can lose its power, making them challenging to roll.

Flavored or infused prerolls may also degrade, growing less potent over time. So, when it comes to preroll cones, use it or lose it!

Which pre-roll cones are best?

1. Botani

Manufactured with centuries of papermaking expertise, our pre-rolls are of the highest quality. Botani pre-roll cones offer your customers an exceptional range of choices and experiences with an extensive line of customizable hemp-based papers and filters.

Botani Logo

2. Raw

The workhorse of the pre-roll world, RAW cones are found on dispensary shelves in nearly every market. Raw’s pre-roll cones are hemp-based, sustainable, and sturdy, but their one size fits all approach leaves little room for differentiation.

3. Juicy J’s

Juicy J’s produces a popular flavored pre-roll commonly used with cannabis, hemp, and tobacco. Their flavors appeal to customers’ inner child. Still, we must mention that their flavors are artificial, rather than botanically sourced.

4. King Palms

Crafted from palm leaves, King Palm’s unique composition makes them popular with cannabis consumers searching for variety. Their pre-roll cones resemble cigars, which helps explain why King Palms is especially popular with connoisseurs.

5. Elements

Popular among the hand-rolling crowd of consumers, Elements pre-roll cones are lightweight and quick-to-burn, with little aftertaste. Still, the superlight profile makes them delicate; roll carefully.

No matter which pre-rolled cones you choose, it’s wise to develop an in-house pre-roll brand to give consumers a memorable experience. Selecting from various non-flavored and flavored pre-roll cones for your bulk orders helps your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Are you interested in expanding your pre-roll horizons? Let’s talk.