8 Simple Ways to Incorporate Filler in Your Pre-Rolls

Are you looking for straightforward ways to use filler in your cannabis pre-rolls? Here are eight easy ways to get it done.

As any cannabis brand knows, offering pre-rolled joints is a simple way to attract new consumers. High-quality flower alone can inspire awareness and loyalty, but there’s nothing like the convenience and branding opportunities of a well-made pre-roll.

But if you’re researching how pre-rolls are made, it quickly becomes apparent that it’s easy to get it wrong. 

Dispensary pre-rolls need to feel unique but consistent, which means that using the same basic strains as your competitors won’t get you very far. 

Investing in high-quality pre-roll filler is an easy way to stand out. Hemp filler brings a range of benefits to brands, dispensaries, and consumers alike. 

Cigarettes wrapped in Botani hemp paper in a decorative wood bowl with hemp filler next to a gold zippo and Botani Card

Why use filler in pre-rolls?

When crafting pre-rolls with a commercial joint rolling machine, adding filler is essential. 

A pre-roll machine can work in multiple ways, but pre-rolled cone filling machines are ultimately designed to pack in flower (and filler) as quickly and efficiently as possible.

However, the truth is that consistently finding the same quality flower can be challenging in an emerging market.

It takes some time for producers to catch up to growing demand, and due to the genetic variation between strains, there’s no guarantee that your customer’s experience will stay the same from joint to joint.

This variation in quality also makes it more challenging to operate a cone filling machine effectively. 

Using a joint rolling machine with flower that varies considerably in quality and volume means you’re constantly updating settings, leading to less efficient operation of your pre-roll equipment. 

Still, the efficiency of your pre-roll machine should be the least of your worries. There are three significant reasons why incorporating filler into your pre-rolls can create a more enjoyable, economic, and memorable consumption experience.

Save on Weight

Using filler in your pre-rolls helps you save on weight, enabling you to present your customer with a more economical pre-roll and stay competitive in a crowded market. In addition, using filler makes your pre-rolls feel more substantial and helps reassure customers that they’re getting a high quality product that’s worth their money.

Botani Hemp filler in a paper bowl next to cigarettes wrapped in Botani Hemp paper laying on top of natural Botani Paper

Give Shake a New Life

There’s nothing worse than throwing out shake. Although these small pieces of cannabis bud are too diminutive to use alongside premium flower, they’re packed with the psychoactive cannabinoids your customers love. Using shake in your pre-rolls helps cut costs and finds a new use for a bi-product of cannabis production that often goes to waste.

Create a Better Experience

Last but certainly not least, filler creates a better customer experience. Variations between batches of flower means that a pre-roll your customer loved may let them down the next time they try it, creating an impression of inconsistency. Hemp filler maintains pre-roll consistency, so your customers know what to expect every time they consume.

Crafting the Perfect Dispensary Pre-Roll

So now you know why it’s crucial to add filler to your pre-rolls—but how should you do it? Here are our eight favorite ways to incorporate filler into your pre-rolls:

  1. Add Trim Trim is the waste produced by the cannabis cultivation and harvesting process. But it’s also a source of valuable psychoactive cannabinoids that many pre-roll producers neglect. Adding trim to your pre-roll elevates your customer’s consumption experience. 
  2. Use Hemp  Hemp is the perfect pre-roll filler ingredient for elevating your customer experience naturally while maximizing the entourage effect. It also ensures consistency, so your customers understand what they get each time they consume. And as you know, consistency develops trust and loyalty. 
  3. Add ShakeSifting through the crumbles produced by drying and processing cannabis to obtain shake is the perfect way to find a filler source that stays consistent with your flower’s effects and flavor profile.
  4. Incorporate Kief Dust While kief dust doesn’t add volume to your pre-rolls, it adds considerable potency. Using sticky hash oil to adhere kief dust to your hemp-based, or otherwise organic, filler material levels up your pre-roll.
  5. Oil Inject Your Filler  Just like kief, oil-injected pre-rolls pack a potent THC dose; using a hemp pre-roll filler creates the perfect place to soak up all that powerful oil, giving customers a delightfully euphoric experience. 
  6. Infuse with Shatter  Shatter is the cannabis extract for true connoisseurs. But the experience can be off-putting to occasional consumers, so you should understand your customers deeply before investing heavily in this filler style. Still, infusing your filler with shatter gives committed cannabis consumers a powerful concentrated experience, with slightly less couch-lock.
  7. Get a CBD Boost  The CBD market is still rapidly growing, and many consumers are curious about exploring CBD pre-rolls. Using hemp filler rich in CBD helps you create a more balanced pre-roll experience for first-time consumers.
  8. Add Botanicals  Herbal cigarettes are growing in popularity, alongside cannabis pre-rolls. Some consumers enjoy them as a tobacco or cannabis alternative, but they also have their pleasures. Adding botanicals to your pre-roll filler creates a more elevated, enjoyable, and relaxing experience.

Botani is the industry-leading expert in pre roll filler, paper, and filters. We can help you create a memorable pre-roll experience for your customers. So let’s work together to develop a custom pre-roll your customers love. Get in touch with us today

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