Simple Ways to Differentiate Your Pre-Rolls from the Competition

If you’re looking for an easy way to differentiate your cannabis brand or dispensary from your (increasing) competition, pre-rolls are a straightforward way to do it.

It’s easy to understand the enduring appeal of the classic cannabis pre-roll—pre-rolls are an excellent way for consumers entering the cannabis scene to sample flower without struggling to roll their own joints. 

Also, the timeliness appeal of a simple joint will always attract a large swathe of consumers. But with an increasingly flooded market, it can be difficult for brands to stand out. 

Sure, you know your flower packs a punch, but how do you connect with consumers prone to judging a book by its cover? 

After all, your customers can’t see your high-quality cannabis flower when it’s hiding inside a pre-roll. 

The answer is rolling paper—an underrated space for brand differentiation and an opportunity to make a strong impression with new consumers.

Embracing Customization

Most consumers are familiar with the classic, plain rolling papers, popularized by pop culture cannabis icons like Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogan. 

When they picture joint rolling paper, they’ll imagine something blank white, and featureless, suggesting the anonymous product design of an illicit marketplace. 

But in a world where cannabis faces growing legal and social acceptance, it’s time for rolling papers to step out of the shadows. 

Modern cannabis consumers want pre-rolls that represent their aesthetics and ideals.

Using custom rolling papers to craft your pre-rolls helps your brand gain attention with new consumers.

After all, a new cannabis consumer searching for the perfect product is more likely to spread the word when their pre-roll looks, tastes and feels beautiful—making a once anonymous product the ideal place to show off their great taste.

Design Your Perfect Rolling Papers

So the importance of creating brand-specific pre-roll papers is evident, but what criteria should you consider when crafting your rolling paper approach? 

Here are the easiest and most effective ways to make sure your pre-rolls appeal to your brand’s ideal consumers.

Rolling Paper Materials

The best rolling papers start with the best raw materials. 

Classic rolling papers were based mainly on rice or wood pulp, but today’s savvy consumers turn to hemp.

The appeal of hemp rolling paper is easy to understand. 

Cannabis consumers are already comfortable with inhaling hemp material, so keeping the rolling paper consistent with its internal contents makes sense. 

It also helps consumers feel like they’re experiencing a higher-quality take on the classic pre-roll. 

Hemp rolling papers are also pure, made without the harsh chemicals or additives often found in wood-based rolling papers. If your audience cares about purity, you can appeal to them by creating hemp-based organic rolling papers, completing your brand’s natural allure.

Custom Pre-Roll Paper

Now that you’ve got your materials handled let’s talk looks. 

Your joint paper’s appearance is just as important as its composition—and while using organic hemp substrates will keep consumers returning to your high-quality product, it’s what’s on the outside that will draw them in.

Creating custom paper wrappers for your pre-rolls, especially as part of a cohesive branding package that includes exterior packaging, filter design, tube length, and all other aspects of the pre-roll, is the best way to gain purchase in the cannabis attention economy. 

So let’s look at some easy ways to stand out!

Logo & Color

When it comes to creating the perfect pre-roll, it’s all about appearance. 

Extending your brand to pre-rolls signifies professionalism, differentiation, and style. 

It also builds loyalty by tying a superior smoking experience directly to your brand, which makes it more likely that consumers will return to explore the rest of your products.

It’s easy to create colored rolling papers using a palette that reflects your brand personality. 

Soften your appeal with papers in pastel shades, or strike a boldly modern pose with jewel-toned pre-rolls. 

Colored papers help your pre-rolls feel exciting and widen their sensory appeal.

You can take things further by adorning rolling papers with your logo or other representative design. 

Branding your papers extends your aesthetic footprint and serves the valuable function of reinforcing your brand within the consumer’s mind every time they return to their pre-roll.

Tube Length

You’ve got your paper design down—now let’s talk length. Most pre-roll brands rely on three standard tube lengths. 

90mm pre-rolls are the foundation for the consumer-friendly half-gram joint. 

These pre-rolls typically live beside dispensary registers like “impulse buys” at your neighborhood grocery store. 

It’s a chance for consumers to sample an easy grab-and-go indulgence on their way out the door and a straightforward way to introduce new consumers to your brand.

98mm pre-rolls offer a little more than their half-gram cousins without entirely committing to the journey of the whole gram joint. 

These pre-rolls are popular with more seasoned consumers with higher tolerances, who may be looking to explore new ways to indulge in their favorite pre-roll brands and often sell well in multi-packs.

Last is the big daddy –  the 116mm pre-roll known as the king-sized cone. 

Your pre-roll can hold a whole gram of flower at this size, making it a serious choice for committed cannabis consumers. 

In addition, the king-sized pre-roll is the most popular single-serving joint found in most dispensaries, meaning that this size of paper will likely be the basis for an anchor product your consumers return to again and again.

Cigarettes wrapped in Botani hemp paper in a decorative wood bowl with hemp filler next to a gold zippo and Botani Card

Filter Size

So you’ve got your paper’s composition, and appearance handled. Now you need to identify the perfect filter.

There are many options for filter materials, but sticking with hemp is your best bet for both quality and price.

Crafting a shorter filter helps create a pre-roll with a sleeker appearance, appealing to seasoned consumers who care about the look (as well as the flavor and effects) of their prerolls. 

Conversely, a longer, more substantial filter reassures consumers new to the cannabis world by creating a clear visual indicator of filter functionality. 

While there’s no right choice, the decision you make can considerably impact the way consumers perceive your brand.

Rolling Paper Materials

Last but not least, let’s talk about packaging.

It’s the first thing your consumer interacts with when experiencing your pre-roll, so it’s impossible to overstate the importance of getting it right!

Make sure your packaging sends a clear message about the cannabis journey awaiting the consumer inside.

Whether you’re appealing to earth lovers with a palette of natural hues or creating an eye-catching moment with bold patterns and colors, pre-rolled excellence starts from the inside out.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level with game-changing pre-rolls? Then, get in touch; we’d love to help you.