Botani Helps Emerging Cannabis Brands Prioritize Consistency and Quality in the Face of Increasing Regulation

Global cannabis legalization might still be years down the road, but that's not stopping brands from innovating.

As the world moves further towards full cannabis legalization, it’s safe to say that regulation is on the horizon for the industry. First up on the docket? Smokable CBD.

A New Regulatory Landscape

Unlike THC, hemp-derived CBD is federally legal in the US. For consumers, this regulation is a good thing, leading to higher quality and more predictable products. But some producers who are struggling with the coming regulatory shift worry about maintaining the quality and consistency of products on a level the FDA will accept.

Fortunately for those producers, Botani is here to help.

Centuries of Experience

Botani is SWM International’s cannabis-facing brand. SWM International has been creating plant-based botanical papers and composites since the 1500s.

For much of the modern era, SWM has used its expertise to create tobacco-related products. Starting in the 1950s, they made the reconstituted tobacco market to recapture biomass that would otherwise go to waste and as an innovation that helped raise levels of consistency throughout the industry.

As the cannabis and CBD markets expand, SWM is supporting brands through Botani, which combines centuries of experience with a commitment to exploring cutting-edge technology to break new ground in the world of CBD and cannabis composite manufacturing.

An All-Natural Solution

So what makes Botani different? It all starts with the materials. The Botani team uses its background knowledge and experience to create uniquely unadulterated smokable hemp papers and composites. Botani develops and produces products through a patented process that removes the need for chemical additives.

As a result, Botani creates hemp-based botanical wraps and filters that can be used in cannabis products, tobacco alternatives, and beyond–all while operating at a high standard of materials and workflow regulation to meet the strict demands of the FDA.

Botani’s approach to biomass sourcing helps create a farm-to-consumer experience with each new product made. Producers select their own hemp source, which can be provided by the Botani team or found in-house.

All raw materials are subjected to an intensive period of full-spectrum analysis for each shipment to ensure that they meet the highest safety and reliability standards. Botani produces a certificate of analysis for each product, highlighting their adherence to the strictest regulatory standards.

2 cigarettes wrapped in Botani Hemp Wrapper standing straight up with a hand hold a lit match right above to to a floating wood bowl with Botani Hemp Filler

Creative Potential

While many hemp processors only use materials from the stalk, Botani creates papers and filters crafted entirely from the plant’s raw, aromatic leaf and flower biomass.

This creates a product that looks, feels, and smells like natural hemp–and creates a perfect neutral backdrop where producers can get creative.

In addition, Botani’s processes allow producers to add their own terpenes, flavors, and CBD to the 100% reconstituted hemp materials base, effectively controlling levels of active ingredients to meet any potential regulatory control.


One of the downsides to working with hemp is the highly variable nature of the product. Because of variations in the crop from year to year, consumers may feel that they’re experiencing an unpredictable, inconsistent quality of product, as smokable CBD varies considerably from stick to stick.

Botani’s pure hemp filler creates a predictable, consistent experience, allowing for increased manufacturer control. In addition, active ingredients are perfectly balanced, offering control of the product’s sensory impact and allowing manufacturing speeds to increase.

The processes Botani uses to create hemp composite papers attain the speed of traditional cigarette production. Most hemp composites are sticky and granular, making it difficult to process them using classic tobacco rolling machines. Botani’s processes make it possible for producers to create hemp smokables on an industrial scale, dramatically increasing the production potential for hemp products as the sector continues to expand.

The Botani Difference

Botani was born from a commitment to innovation. Holding over fifteen patents and with seven million dollars invested in product development, the brand is perfectly positioned to meet the technological and creative challenges of the growing cannabis and CBD industries.

As the CBD and cannabis markets continue to expand, Botani is eager to rise to the challenge.