Blunt Wrap Challenges and Botani’s Innovative Solution

Traditional blunt wraps come with challenges, but we’ve addressed them with our newest innovation.

Let’s face it: blunt wraps often have limitations. 

One of the top blunt-related Google queries is “how do you fix a blunt wrap?” indicating consumers seek alternatives to blunt wraps that warp, tear, or split all too easily.

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Even with high brand standards, flawed wraps can slip through the cracks. 

And with a growing (and increasingly demanding) consumer base, high-quality flower and intriguing flavors won’t keep them from looking elsewhere if your blunts don’t hit the mark. 

We’ve been diligently developing a natural solution that addresses the familiar blunt wrap challenges consumers face. 

So, keep reading to learn more about the most common blunt wrap challenges and our new and innovative natural solution.

But first, let’s cover some basics. 

What are blunt wraps made of?

Before discussing Botani’s innovative hemp blunt wraps, let’s discuss why traditional blunt wraps have been somewhat problematic. 

Blunt wraps are traditionally derived from tobacco, and they tend to be brittle, dry, challenging to roll, and prone to breakage. All of this adds up to a less-than-ideal consumer experience. And in an increasingly competitive market, you should do everything to give customers the experience they desire. 

The cannabis-purchasing public wants tobacco-free blunt wrap alternatives. 

And while there are many hemp and herbal blunt wraps hitting dispensary shelves, most of the tobacco-free blunt wraps consumers encounter at their local dispensary don’t actually offer the natural, consistent, and flavorful experience they ultimately want. 

Do blunt wraps include tobacco?

Yes, blunt wraps have traditionally included tobacco in their construction. 

And cannabis consumers often express their concern over the inclusion of tobacco in traditional blunt wraps. Once again, Google queries highlight this fact. 

When conducting research online, consumers regularly ask questions like, “do blunt wraps have tobacco in them?”.

People are understandably concerned about consuming tobacco along with cannabis, especially if they prefer to avoid tobacco products. 

So finding an efficient way to produce tobacco-free blunt wraps is essential for brands who want to offer consumers the full spectrum of inhalable cannabis products. 

Tobacco-free blunt wraps make your products more accessible to every kind of cannabis consumer. 

In addition, they can provide a more natural and pleasurable consumption experience, which is ultimately what almost every fan of inhalable cannabis wants.

Botani Gummed Wraps

What's in Botani’s’ blunt wraps?

We use a proprietary process based on over 400 years of papermaking experience to produce our blunt wraps. They are 100% tobacco-free and made from all-natural hemp that remains flexible. 

Botani hemp blunt wraps are a natural complement to cannabis and hemp flower, and always include naturally-occurring CBD, an element attractive to most cannabis consumers today. 

They’re also fully customizable, easy, and affordable to ship and store, and they provide the perfect base for infusions. 

Let’s talk more about blunt wrap flexibility (pliability).

People often search “how long does a rolled blunt last?” and the answer is usually “not long.”

After a traditional tobacco-based blunt wrap is removed from its packaging and exposed to air, its quality quickly deteriorates. 

Most tobacco-based blunt wraps rapidly lose flexibility, resulting in the brittle, dry, and breakage-prone wrap consumers know all-too-well. Flavor and aroma also tend to deteriorate quickly after a traditional blunt wrap package is opened. 

Botani wraps stay flexible and flavorful long after the consumer opens a package. As a result, they’re a rare and hard-to-achieve blend of luxury and convenience. 

The result? A blunt that looks better, smokes better, and lasts longer, providing a premium experience every time.

The benefits for global B2B and B2C brands using Botani Gummed blunt wraps.

Our Gummed Wrap is more than a product; it’s a solution designed to help global brands enter the cannabis market. Botani can help you reach cannabis consumers quickly and easily. 

And when it comes to Business-to-Consumer cannabis brands, our wraps let you tap into a global network of cannabis connoisseurs interested in an enhanced, natural smoking experience. 

Botani Gummed wrap

Don’t believe us? Try them yourself. Contact Botani today, and we’ll ship a complimentary Blunt Wrap sample for you to enjoy.