The Anatomy of a High-Quality Wholesale Pre-Roll Cone (and Five Popular Brands)

7 Botani Pre-Rolls standing up right in a wood holder on a peach background

Are you on the hunt for high-quality pre-roll cones for your dispensary or brand? Look no further than the manufacturers listed in our blog. Quick Links What goes into cone papers? What’s the difference between bleached and unbleached pre-roll cones? Which pre-roll cones are best? Most cannabis consumers are familiar with the humble (and venerable) […]

The Definitive Cannabis Pre-Roll Glossary

4 Different types of Botani Pre-Rolls on a light green background next to flower vegetation next to a candle with smoke text by a plate of cannabis flower

A list of pre-roll-related terms you need to know today. Quick Links What are Pre-Rolls? Is it Pre-Rolls or Pre-Rolled Joints? A Cannabis Pre-Roll Glossary What’s Right For Your Dispensary or Brand? Pre-rolls are always in-style.  Most dispensaries keep a stack of prerolled joints by the register for “impulse buys” or offer pre-roll deals (no […]

Simple Ways to Differentiate Your Pre-Rolls from the Competition

3 Pink Botani Pre-Rolls sitting on a wood case and 3 magenta flowers

If you’re looking for an easy way to differentiate your cannabis brand or dispensary from your (increasing) competition, pre-rolls are a straightforward way to do it. Quick Links Embracing Customization Design Your Perfect Rolling Papers Custom Pre-Roll Paper Rolling Paper Materials It’s easy to understand the enduring appeal of the classic cannabis pre-roll—pre-rolls are an […]