The Blunt Wrap Market Is Booming, but Is There Room for You?

Hand holding the edge of a Botani Blunt wrap with cannabis

Is there room for your brand in the ever-expanding blunt wrap market? Read our blog and find out. Ever since a wave of Jamaican immigrants brought them to the New York hip-hop scene of the ’80s and ’90s, blunt wraps have been an evergreen favorite for cannabis smokers around the globe. It’s easy to understand […]

The Real Opportunity Cost of Missing the Innovation Train

Lightbulb drawing on blue paper with a yellow crumbled paper in the bulb

When it comes to the cannabis market, many companies find themselves facing a classic innovator’s dilemma. Since the legalization of cannabis, technological advancement has affected all points of the market. For everything from cannabis cultivation to payment processing, there’s a major technological innovation to help companies grow at unprecedented rates. Still, the challenges of maintaining […]

Have Your Blunt and Smoke It, Too

Cannabis Blunt on a smoky background

Hemp and botanical-based blunt wraps are excellent tobacco alternatives that will help you reach more cannabis consumers. Blunts have long been a popular way for cannabis consumers to enjoy their product. Quick Links Blunt wraps can be found in bodegas, convenience stores, and supermarkets across the nation. Back in the days when manufactured pre-rolled cannabis […]

Cracking the Blunt: The REAL Cost of Goods Sold

cracked blunt

Traditional blunt wraps are fragile, prone to cracking, and contain hidden costs. Botani’s hemp blunt wraps aren’t just easy to package, ship, and store, they’re specifically designed to be used reliably and efficiently on an industrial scale so you can reach more cannabis consumers. Quick Links It’s safe to say most blunt wraps are less […]

What Does “Tobacco-Free” Mean for Your Revenue Predictability?

Steps to rolling a cannabis blunt with Botani Gummed Wraps

Hemp blunt wraps can attract new customers and keep them coming back. As pre-rolls become increasingly popular in the global cannabis market, many brands are turning their attention to blunt smokers. One of the first unofficial commercial segments of the American cannabis market, traditional blunt wraps have long been sold in gas stations, grocery stores, […]

9 Simple Steps To Bring Your Cannabis Blunt Wraps to Market

Botani Blunt Wraps laid out flat

Are you interested in offering custom blunt wraps to your customers? Here are nine simple steps to do it successfully. It can be challenging to develop a new brand and bring it to market in the cannabis industry. The competition continues to increase as the market expands, so brands and dispensaries look under every rock […]

The Cannabis Market Demands Sustainable Products, So What’s Your Next Move?

Eco Packaging for Cannabis

Focusing on sustainability helps your brand and our planet. The cannabis industry is constantly growing, and cannabis companies introduce exciting new products every day. While that’s great news for consumers, your brand may struggle to differentiate itself from the competition. One way to stand out? Go green! Eco-friendly cannabis products are in high demand, and […]

Filling the Knowledge Gap on Hemp Filler

Botani employees holding hemp filler

Filler is often a polarizing topic in cannabis circles, but it shouldn’t be. Here’s everything you need to know. The cannabis pre-roll space is packed with fierce competitors. As one of the fastest-growing segments of the global cannabis market, pre-rolls are a reliable source of new customers for dispensaries and brands. They’re also an excellent […]

Blunt Wrap Challenges and Botani’s Innovative Solution

Botani Gummed Wraps

Traditional blunt wraps come with challenges, but we’ve addressed them with our newest innovation. Let’s face it: blunt wraps often have limitations.  One of the top blunt-related Google queries is “how do you fix a blunt wrap?” indicating consumers seek alternatives to blunt wraps that warp, tear, or split all too easily. Quick Links Even […]

8 Ways to Offer a More Consistent Joint

Two pre-rolled joints displayed with moss on a beige background

Here are eight ways to give loyal consumers a better, more consistent pre-rolled joint. It’s no secret that pre-rolled joints are one of the fastest-growing segments of the burgeoning cannabis market.  As legalization spreads throughout the United States, pre-roll sales are especially critical in markets where new consumers are experiencing legal cannabis for the first […]