Blunt Wrap Challenges and Botani’s Innovative Solution

Botani Gummed Wraps

Traditional blunt wraps come with challenges, but we’ve addressed them with our newest innovation. Let’s face it: blunt wraps often have limitations.  One of the top blunt-related Google queries is “how do you fix a blunt wrap?” indicating consumers seek alternatives to blunt wraps that warp, tear, or split all too easily. Quick Links Even […]

8 Ways to Offer a More Consistent Joint

Two pre-rolled joints displayed with moss on a beige background

Here are eight ways to give loyal consumers a better, more consistent pre-rolled joint. It’s no secret that pre-rolled joints are one of the fastest-growing segments of the burgeoning cannabis market.  As legalization spreads throughout the United States, pre-roll sales are especially critical in markets where new consumers are experiencing legal cannabis for the first […]

11 Critical Considerations When Selecting Wholesale Rolling Papers

Botani Hemp Pre-Roll & Botani Paper for Cigarettes on green flowers over a dark green background

If you’re looking for the perfect wholesale partner (and options) for your emerging cannabis pre-roll brand, this blog is for you. Quick Links Based on the latest numbers, it’s safe to say that pre-rolls are here to stay.  According to research conducted by MJBiz Daily, cannabis pre-roll sales surged by 50% in 2020 despite the […]

10 Simple Steps to Improve Cannabis Pre-Roll Consistency and Flavor

2 colored pre-rolled joints on a leaf patterned background

Here are simple steps to ensure your brand’s pre-rolls are more than a one-hit-wonder. Quick Links Consistency Infused Pre-Rolls Strain Choice Use High-End Cannabis Flower Instead of Trim Combine Cannabis Flower with Hemp Filler Pre-Roll Cones from a Reputable and Steady Supplier Better Filters for Better Experiences A Clean and Serviced Commercial Pre-Roll Machine Pre-Roll […]

Straightforward Tips to Help You Build a Hemp Pre-Roll Brand

Hemp Cigarettes & pre-rolled joints displayed on a small decorative plate on top glass container holding flowers & moss over a purple background

Are you interested in building a prosperous hemp pre-roll brand? Here are some details to consider. Quick Links Cost: Luxury or Affordability Weight Pick Your Pre-Roll Size Pick Your Pre-Roll Paper Brand Your Pre-Roll Paper Pick Your Pre-roll Filter Type Brand Your Pre-Roll Filter Choose Your Pre-Rolled Cones & Tubes Brand Your Pre-Rolled Cones & […]

The Best High-Capacity Hemp and Cannabis Pre-Roll Machines: What the Experts Say

2 cigarettes wrapped in Botani Hemp Wrapper sitting on top of magenta flowers over a fuchsia background

We spoke to the experts to get their take on the best high-capacity hemp and cannabis pre-roll machines. Here’s what they had to say. Quick Links What is a pre-roll machine? What are the different kinds of pre-roll machines?​ The Best High-Capacity Pre-Roll Machines There’s a lot to consider when establishing a hemp or cannabis […]

Ready for Launch: A Go-To-Market Playbook for Your Next Pre-Roll Line

3 Botani Cannabis Pre-rolls sitting on a yellow tray on a fuchsia background

Do you want to launch a premium cannabis pre-roll line for your brand or dispensary? You’ll find everything you need to make it a success in this blog. There’s never been a better time to establish a premium cannabis pre-roll line.  Quick Links Identifying Your Target Audience Branding & Packaging Marketing Your Pre-Roll Line Customize […]

8 Simple Ways to Incorporate Filler in Your Pre-Rolls

11 Botani Pre-Rolls in a wood tray with cannabis flower

Are you looking for straightforward ways to use filler in your cannabis pre-rolls? Here are eight easy ways to get it done. Quick Links Why use filler in pre-rolls? Save on Weight Create a Better Experience Crafting the Perfect Dispensary Pre-Roll As any cannabis brand knows, offering pre-rolled joints is a simple way to attract […]

The Anatomy of a High-End, Natural Rolling Paper

Botani Hemp filler in a paper bowl next to cigarettes wrapped in Botani Hemp paper laying on top of natural Botani Paper

You shouldn’t overlook the importance of natural, high-quality rolling papers. Wrapping your premium cannabis flower in a high-quality rolling paper can spell the difference between an average – and memorable – consumer experience.  And in an increasingly crowded (and competitive) market where quality is king, sourcing the best natural joint papers is crucial.  This might […]

The Anatomy of a High-Quality Wholesale Pre-Roll Cone (and Five Popular Brands)

7 Botani Pre-Rolls standing up right in a wood holder on a peach background

Are you on the hunt for high-quality pre-roll cones for your dispensary or brand? Look no further than the manufacturers listed in our blog. Quick Links What goes into cone papers? What’s the difference between bleached and unbleached pre-roll cones? Which pre-roll cones are best? Most cannabis consumers are familiar with the humble (and venerable) […]